Ingredient Highlight: Lavender

lavender essential oil

Lavender Oil  has been used by ancient cultures all over the world for many many years. Egyptians were known to use it for perfume and mummification. Some cultures bathed in it and others used it for medicinal purposes.


Lavender Oil:

Most Important Benefits of lavender:

  • Relieves stress
  • Uplifts mood
  • Excellent for headaches, migraines and hypertension
  • Relieves congestion
  • Relaxes, restores and rejuvenates
  • Stimulates cell regeneration
  • Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal
  • Relaxes muscles


How does it work?

Lavender is part of the mint family Lamiaceae. Its herbal, soft, sweetly floral and spicy undertones make it one of the most versatile essential oils. It helps with many things such as anxiety, depression, nervousness and exhaustion. Lavender works on several nervous systems such as the autonomic, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems as well as the adrenal glands. It is also used in many formulas for eczema and psoriasis.  After microdermabrasions or chemical peels, lavender uses its anti-inflammatory benefits to help calm the skin and reduce swelling. Lavender can be used for all skin types.

Aesthetic Back Bar items that contain Lavender:

Lavender Face & Body Lotion – This lotion is wonderfully luscious and the ultimately soothing. Lavender distillate and lavender essential oil are combined to create the ultimate lotion for sensitive skin.

Lavender Gel & Mask – Our Lavender Gel is light, soothes, hydrates the skin and smells just like fresh Lavender. Our Lavender Gel uses lavender distillate, aloe juice and Lavender Essential Oil to soothe and hydrate the skin from head to toe.

Lavender TonerThis soothing and restoring treatment toner saturates the skin with conditioning and healing ingredients. The MSM and DMAE, along with Aloe and Lavender extracts, leave the skin appearing toned and smooth preparing it for treatment products. The aroma of Lavender Extract is the perfect addition to your relaxing facial.

Lavender Essential OilLavender Essential Oil  is one of the most versatile oils there is. Lavender Essential Oil has for centuries been used for its beneficial effect on skin. Diffused Lavender Essential oil is wonderful for room filling aroma.

Lavender Body ButterThis formula is scented lightly with Lavender Essential Oil. Our all-natural Body Butters are rich and absorb instantly leaving the skin supple. This luxurious body butter deeply nourishes and leaves the skin smooth and intensely hydrated. Coconut butter is perfect for all skin types especially for those who are dry and sensitive.

Let’s talk Bookkeeping for your spa!

We are almost at the end of the year. How are you keeping your books? I know not a very exciting topic for some but very important.

Keeping up with your expenses is a key to keep your business growing. Keeping an accurate picture of your business will help you with your tax preparation as well as simple duties like ordering product and supplies.  You don’t need to be an accountant to keep your books organized. It just takes a little discipline and some time to set a system down.

Some ways to keep track of your business

  • Spreadsheets
  • Expense Programs
  • Spa POS (point of sale) system
  • Accounting software (online or on computer)

Here we have several types of bookkeeping for spa and skincare clinics from simple to more complex.


As an independent contractor or business owner it is fundamental that we keep our receipts of all expenses and acquisitions we make in the long of the year. On your spread sheet, you can have a line for building expenses (rental, loans, mortgage) ,one for utilities (water, electricity, gas, phone, internet), one for marketing, one for office (printing paper, ink, office supplies), one for supplies(for your services), one for equipment’s, one for retail of goods ( what you pay for your wholesale), one for education ( the courses you took, the conventions you went), equipment, your mileage and tolls, and extra expenses (lunch meetings, free treatments, gift certificates to clients) , etc. You can also use excel to record expenses related to the business. Expenses can be categorized on excel by month, creating monthly spread sheets.

Expense Apps or Programs

Now a days you can find apps and programs that are free or have a small fee that do so much.  You can use an expense program like Expensify to keep yourself organized. There is a free and upgraded version you can use.  It is very simple to use and some will have an app you can use on your phone. Some expense apps will track your receipts with just a picture.

Spa POS & Bookkeeping Software

If you want a system that is more robust and will allow you to modify and create reports you can look into using a Spa POS system or an accounting system.  Vagaro and Mindbody are a couple of spa pos systems that do a lot for the skincare business.  Quickbooks and Freshbooks are a couple of accounting software programs out there.  There are so many you just have to do your research and see what works for you.

Your spa POS system is great because it was designed for the spa or clinic type of business.  It will allow you to track sales and trends.  Some will do more and others are limited on the tracking expenses.  If you need to track more expenses, depreciation of assets etc an accounting system may be something you need. There are many companies that offer this type of software.  There are online versions available also.

Depending how much bookkeeping you want to do you can work with your accountant on what you would like them to do for you.

Once you get into the groove, tracking won’t take a lot of time, it will save you a lot of money. Not to mention your accurate reporting will help you make good business decisions. When in doubt check with your accountant.  Find out how they prefer you report your expenses.  The more organized you are the less time the accountant will need to get the job done.



Small Products – Big Profits

Christmas is almost here. How about to boosting your sales without investing a lot of money in retail?

A great way to help you in that quest is to purchase trial Size products that are available now to help you to increase your profits.

Here are 3 easy ways to increase your sales using trial size products:

  • Boost your services sales

Use the 2oz products to add value on your services. A good example would be to create a Holiday Facial and to promote it, you can advertise:  Get a Holiday facial and get a free homecare kit.  On your kit you can have cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer on the kit).

Here how you can create a Holiday facial: mix peppermint tea with our Revitalizing Mud Mask. The tea will give the nice scent of the holidays while the mask combine with the antioxidant power of the tea will boost the skin)

You can also use our Pumpkin Mask for a Holiday facial.

  •  Boost gift certificate sales

Here you can use the 2oz products to help on your Gift Certificate Sales. You can advertise:

“Buy a Gift Certificate for a massage or body scrub/mask and get free body butter”

“Buy a Gift Certificate for a facial and get a free serum”

“Buy a Gift Certificate for Microdermabrasion or Peel series and get a free homecare kit”

  • Introduce your brand/Boost your retail

Around the Holidays, it is always nice to have small items for retail around your check out area. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it, maybe have a sign saying “Christmas stocking ideas “, or “Holidays beauty  gifts”  for an example and display the 2 oz products. Because of the lower prices, these products are easy to sell and you can make money selling in quantities.

All our 2oz products are available for private label. You can start branding yourself with just one product.

For an example, you can start to market your skincare line selling a body butter that can be used on face and body or you can start with mini homecare kits. Like I said before, the 2oz products promote an easier sale and will help you to expose your clients to your own skincare line.

If you would like more information on our private label program, feel free to email us at

Homecare Kit: The power of the 3 C’s

I know a lot of amazing professionals that are uncomfortable selling home skincare products to their customers because they don’t want it feel pushy.  I totally get it, we are not in the car sales business and most of us don’t like to sell. You need to remember you are the expert and in order for your clients to obtain optimized results, they need a good skin regimen at home to be successful.

Your clients trust your expert guidance and when you explain about the benefits of a good home care they will listen to you. Remember if they don’t buy what they need from you they will get it somewhere else.  I have had clients tell me that they want their skin care professional or technician to tell them what to do and buy.  We have to get out of our heads and give them the guidance they need to get the right home skincare.  If you sell products your clients can buy somewhere else  educate them about counterfeits and expired products sold online that look the same but don’t deliver the same.

To avoid any competition, you can have your own skincare line.  Aesthetic Back Bar helps you develop your skincare line. With very low minimums and an easy process you can private label in as fast as a couple of weeks. Develop a home care protocol that can be easily implemented and repeated.

3 C’s for your home skincare regimen

  1. Condition – Observe the client’s skin. Do they have oily, normal, sensitive or dry skin. Check for sun damage, large pores, hyper and hypo-pigmentation.
  2. Concerns – Have your client look in the mirror and ask questions.  Let them point out their main concerns. Listen and acknowledge and respond.  This is a great opportunity to engage the clients on what benefits the skincare you choose will give them. Educate them on ingredients and how it will help your client.
  3. Commitment/Consistency – Help your clients understand the importance of keeping a daily home routine for best results. I like to tell my clients that using a good home skincare regimen is like going to the gym.  You will only see results if you are consistency and committed.

A great tool you can use is writing or printing out the steps of the ideal skincare regimen for your client.  I like to have it on a half sheet of paper with the spa logo.  On it I have AM and PM at the top.  I put the steps to their customized home skin care routine in order. Keep a copy or write down what was recommended.  Even if they do not purchase all at once they know what you recommend. Be confident and don’t be afraid to share with your client.

Why do I need to use toner?

Every time I introduce a client to a skincare regime, 10 out of 10 clients ask me: why do I need toner? Or “I don’t have time for an extra step”.aesthetician supply professional aha toner

Toners are great for the skin and isn’t just an extra step.  Here are 5 reasons why toner is a must:

  • Toners can be used morning and night – it prepares skin for moisturizers and anti-aging treatments. Think toner as an appetizer before main course.
  • Toners are the most gentle way to exfoliate the skin – help to minimize (shrink) and clear pores, reduces breakouts and blackheads
  • Toners help to restore your skin’s natural pH balance – will clear excess oil without going overboard and stripping skin. The skin pH is between 5 and 6 but because soaps are alkaline, when we wash our face, it disrupts the skin pH balance. Then skin needs to work overtime to return to its oils level but toner can help restore balance quick.
  • Toners adds layer of protection and moisturizes– because it tightens cell gaps reducing penetration of impurities, protecting the skin against environmental contaminants. Toners remove chlorine and minerals present on the tap water, while binding moist to the skin.
  • Toners prevent ingrown hairs – toners that contain glycolic and alpha hydroxyl acid can help to prevent ingrown hairs.

My favorite toner is Aesthetic Back bar AHA Purifying toner because it is a natural multi functioning product that is skin balancing, tightening, exfoliating and blemishing control. It contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to gently exfoliate and balance the skin tone. Black Willow bark provides naturally occurring salicylic acid to fight the causes of acne. DMAE gives the skin a tight and polished appearance while the essential oils get to the root of acne. This step closes the pores, adjusts the pH of the skin and removes any remaining cleanser or dirt from the skin. AHA Purifying toner is great for normal, combination/acne skin.

How to Create Fall Treatment Series with Pumpkin Enzyme

pumpkin enzyme peel for aestheticians

pumpkin enzyme peel for aestheticians

As we all know, fall is a great season to do peels. At Aesthetic Back Bar we have natural enzyme complexion peels that can be done in series for optimal results. You can set your peels for 2 to 3 weeks apart.

Pumpkin is a staple product of the fall and it has amazing benefits for the skin. Because of its popularity and benefits, pumpkin peel is an easy treatment to market to your clients in the fall and it gives you an effective, fun and thematic treatment.

Pumpkin is great to treat dull complexion, aging skin, oily/combination/acne skin and pigmentation. It penetrates deeper into the skin because it’s small molecular structure.

According to studies and articles from IDI (International Dermal Institute), pumpkin contains fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that brightens and smooth the skin.

Pumpkin contains antioxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin C which boosts collagen production, preventing aging and soothing the skin. The zinc, present in the seeds, is great for acne skin, because helps to control the oil production, as well hormone levels, healing the skin. The seeds also are high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E which are necessary to maintain good barrier function of the skin and also regulates sebum.

At Aesthetic Back Bar, we have 2 Pumpkin Enzyme masks for you to choose, the Professional Pumpkin I with a 5% glycolic and Professional Pumpkin II with a 12% glycolic. They are a natural, organic way to a safe and effective peel. You can use the Professional Pumpkin Enzyme II mask at your treatment room and sell the Professional Pumpkin I as an in home treatment to your client.

Just to clarify, the Professional Pumpkin Enzyme II is safe but it can tingles a little and some of our clients prefer to use it at their treatment room, but if you have a more medical facility, you can easily sell it as a home care treatment as well.

Have you ever thought retailing your own products? When using our easy and low minimum private label you can make at least 50% profit selling a home care product to your client. For more information email us at


 (You can do it in series, 2 to 3 weeks apart)

Pumpkin Enzyme Treatment Normal, Combination, Sun Damaged and Oily Skin types

The Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Treatment is a very powerful polishing treatment.  Pumpkin contains many exfoliating properties as well as nutrients for the skin.  This skin care treatment is perfect for skin that is not sensitive.  Oilier skin can usually use the Mask II which contains 12% glycolic.  If your client has not used glycolic before try using the Mask I that contains 5% glycolic first.

  1. Cleanse with Facial Cleansing Gel
  2. Tone skin with Skin Balancing Toner
  3. Cleanse and exfoliate with Jojoba Micro Bead Polish (normal to dry skin) or AHA Micro Bead Polish (normal to oily skin)
  4. Apply a thin layer of Pro Pumpkin Enzyme Mask I or II. Mask I has 5% glycolic and Mask II contains 12% glycolic. As you apply the mask tell your client they will fell a itchy or tingly feeling. It usually lasts about a minute or two and then subsides.  The thicker or oiler the skin is the less they will feel the tingle.  If the client says the mask feels like it is burning remove the mask with water.  I would NOT apply steam or hot towel compress with this mask because it may intensify the treatment too much.
  5. Leave on for 3-10 minutes depending on skin type and condition.
  6. Rinse until the skin does not feel any itchiness or burning.
  7. Can apply one of the gel masks to soothe the skin. (Aloe Gel, Cucumber Gel, Lavender Gel or Soothing & AntiAging Gel)
  8. Apply Antioxidant Anti-Aging Eye Cream
  9. If client has very dry skin you can then apply the Antioxidant Serum and then the Rejuvenative Cream. If the client has oily to combination skin you can apply the Clarifying Serum then finish off with Light Moisture Cream.

*Recommended protocols are designed to give you an idea of where to use products in your treatment room


Setting your spa apart with branding

According to the dictionary, branding is to assign a brand name to, the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

Branding is one of the most important factors for success in any type of business. Branding will elevate you and give you an edge in our competitive market.

What will promote and give your spa the edge? Creating your own style, your own brand and great customer service is the important for success. Researchers say that word of mouth is more powerful then expensive advertising. What can you add to your spa experience that will build repeat business?

Your brand comes from a clear image of who you are, who you want to be and what others perceive you to be.

Ask these four questions:

  • What is the spa mission?
  • What do I want my spa to look like?
  • How do I want people to feel about me or the spa?
  • What is the spa character or personality?

Write down your answers, they will guide you to create your business mission and guide you to find what makes you unique.

In my opinion, these are some things that clients are looking for.   These pointers will make your business stand out:

Cleanliness: Make sure your treatment rooms are clean, organized, and welcoming.  Use all the sanitation standards, trust me, clients will be noticing all the details.

BE ON TIME!!!!! –  Please, this is very important, especially if you have a first time client. You don’t want to start a treatment this way.  In order to avoid running of time, and having client’s waiting, have a buffer time on your schedule from 15min to 30 min.

Brand with your logo – When posting or doing any marketing with images insert your logo to them.  Make sure your logo is on everything you send out so your followers recognize your business.

Relaxation: Use aromatherapy to give a simple scent of relaxation. Use soothing music to create the atmosphere. The extra touches make a difference.  Find ways to make your clients feel comfortable.

Listen to your client: This is a big one! Please listen to their needs, their expectations. The service is all about them, not you. Even if you have a regular customer, before you start, ask if they have something in mind and how you could help.

Have a treatment protocol: this will guide you to create your services, its duration and what it entails. If you need any ideas of protocols, we do have protocols available at www.aestheticbackbar .com or you can request by email:

Home Care Regimen – Provide the tools your client needs to keep their skin looking beautiful between their treatments.  If you don’t sell them what they need they will go somewhere else and buy it.  Private labeling is a great option here.  You can brand your own product line.

Some may sound simple but sometimes we need little reminders to work on these or to keep these up. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Aging Skin, the outcome of sun damage.

Summer is almost over, your clients are starting to get back to their routines, kids are back at school and now it is a good time to help and educate your clients about photoaging.anti aging powder mask

We know that UVA and UVB rays contribute to skin cancer but these rays also cause skin burn and skin ageing. There is an easy way to explain to your clients the difference about UVB and UVA radiation: UVB rays impact the skin’s surface, causing burns while UVA rays penetrate 30-40 times deeper then UVB rays, heavily contributing to premature aging the skin.

UVA rays have several harmful effects on the skin causing lack of elasticity, dullness, dehydration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. These effects are cumulative and all skin types are vulnerable.

Vitamins C is vastly used against sun damage. According to studies, vitamin C performs as a natural bleaching, brightening the skin and also prevents redness and dark spots related with sun damaged. In order for the Vitamin C penetrate the skin; it needs to be carried in oil soluble, known as Vitamin C Ester or in water soluble as L-Ascorbic Acid. Vitamin C Ester (oil soluble) enables the Vitamin C penetrate the skin rapidly, and in greater amounts then the L-Ascorbic Acid (water soluble).

Our Anti-Aging Moisture Mask has Vitamin C ester, which is more powerful because is oil soluble, allowing  the Vitamin C efficacy to be broader and deeper, while reaching the surface of the skin quicker and in greater amounts then Vitamin C in water soluble (L-Ascorbic Acid).

The Anti-Aging Moisture Mask also contains beet powder; turmeric root and vitamin B5 that also target in transform the skin.

Beet Powder – turns skin flawless while feeding skin iron and other vitamins through the pores diminishing aged dark spots and blemishes.

Turmeric root – which has been use for centuries in Ayurveda Medicine promoting balanced and clear the skin, with glow and radiance.

Vitamin B5 – that improves the moisture retention capacity of the skin, allowing the skin to stay hydrated.

Our Anti-Aging Moisture Mask will improve skin elasticity and increase moisture while packing the skin with nutrients. This mask is well rounded and it is suitable for all skin types leaving skin vibrant.

Another thing that I love about this nutrient-rich mask is the fact that it is designed to work with the liquid chosen to activate the masque. You can use 2 parts of powder to 1 part of any liquid suitable for hydrating the masque.  You can use any distillate or hydrosol water, green tea, peppermint tea, rice milk, goat milk, yogurt, kefir, organic fruit juice, organic green juice, superfood juice, grape juice, all of course within safe guidelines.

If you like a more liquid mask, apply more liquid and a thicker masque can be created with less liquid.

You can use this mask and create an Anti-Aging Facial treatment, and you can also sell to your clients to do maintenance at home. This is a very versatile product and you can create many different types of facials that will help to promote your business and help your clients to obtain a healthy looking skin in a natural and organic way.

Other Products that are great for aging and sun damage.

Antioxidant Enzyme CleanserFormulated with rose, DMAE, MSM, rooibos & pomegranate extracts, hyaluronic acid providing skin with nourishing moisture, leaving it velvety smooth.

AHA Toner – Formulated with AHAs help to re-texturize, slough and soften the skin, giving it a refreshed and refined appearance.

Vitamin C SerumA must-have in any mature skin care regime.  Can be used in the am on clean skin.  This formula features soothing organic aloe, omega 3 & 6-enriched rosehip oils with antioxidant loaded organic cranberry, raspberry and blueberry extracts and clarifying white willow bark.

Antioxidant SerumThe ABCs of skincare start with Antioxidant Serum: vitamin A, vitamin B3, vitamin C.  Leaves skin hydrated, nourished and radiant.

Pumpkin II Enzyme Mask – This is a great complexion enzyme peel for sloughing away damaged skin.

For more information and treatment protocols, email us at

9 Ways to increase your profit for the Holidays

There are currently 16 weeks until Christmas and here are 10 ideas for you to increase your profits and have a very Merry Holidays!spa holiday marketing ideas
  1. Front Desk Quick Sells You can add lip-glosses, eye shadows trios, loose minerals, baked foundation, compressed mineral make-up and even eye cream at your front desk as quick gift ideas. Those are good price point and ease sellers. Our lip-glosses and makeup are natural, high quality with a great price. You can profit 50% to 70%. Place items that are no-brainers, easy to just add to a sale.
  2. Have little deals to move your retail fastExample: Buy a product kit and get a free peel on your next facial. The cost of a peel is very little for you, but it is a good added value for a treatment. You can even add the value price of the peel to make it more attractive. Example: Buy a product kit and get a Free Peel valued of $$$
  3. Encourage your clients to buy your retail products as Christmas gifts – Example: Buy $200 in retail products and get a FREE microdermabrasion (or you can say, a peel, or a mini facial). You can package or couple up products.
  4. Sell series of treatmentsWe have great peels that you can use for fall, like the Enzyme Pumpkin Peel II that has 12% glycolic and it is great to rejuvenate the skin transforming dull, lifeless skin.We have spas that will sell a package of 4 of these for a set price.They have their client come in every two weeks and it gets their skin looking amazing just in time for Christmas.
  5. Sell Gift Certificates – Here you can also give a little incentive to your customers to buy more. Example: For every $100 towards gift certificates get $25 credit to use towards your favorite treatment. “The more you give the more credits you accumulate to be used on your favorite treatments”. Make sure to add expiration date on your gift certificates.
  6. Instead of discounting treatments, add valued services on them – Example: Promote Free Add-ons for Facials /treatments instead of offer discounts. You can add an extra peel for the hands, or facial massage, hand massage, hot stones. Don’t forget to add the valued price, example: Buy our (name of your facial/treatment) and get a Free enzyme complexion peel for Your Hands, valued of $$$$
  7. Create a Holiday Facial – You can use our Mud Mask and our Peppermint Essential oil and create a “Peppermint Mud Facial”. Our peppermint oil is ok to be added on the face, but make sure to find out if your client has any allergies. To be safe, you can diffuse it. You can also create a “Peppermint Renewal Facial”, using our Renewal mask and instead of mixing the powder with water you can mix with peppermint tea. You can do the same with the Anti-Aging Mask, mixing peppermint tea on the anti-aging mask and create the “Peppermint Anti-Aging Facial”. Peppermint lotion can also be used on the face and body. The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask I or II can be used to create a “Pumpkin Pie Facial”. Pumpkin is great for the fall and holiday season.
  8. Add Body Butters for your retail – With the season changes, the skin needs hydration. Our Body Butters are luxurious, perfect to all skin types, all natural, made of coconut and essential oils (Lavender, Neroli, and Mandarin). You can profit from 50% up to 150%, depending on your mark up. These butters are also available for Private Label. These items can be private labeled and are great gift ideas. Place a test in the retail section and your customers will get hooked.
  9. Have your own products with our Private Label. We can help you with that. –  If you aren’t our Private Label client yet, take advantage now and have you own line before the Holidays. Our minimums are very low, only 3 products per SKU and if you make your first order until September 29th, get 50% on our one time only set up fee. Pay only $75, instead of $150. For more information, email us:

Our Top Brightening Facial Treatments Picks

We are always searching for products that help to brighten and give us that healthy glow.  Here are our top picks for brightening facial treatments.private label for aestheticians

Antioxidant Enzyme Cleanser This facial cleanser is exfoliating, hydrating and soothing.
Normal to Dry Skin
Key Ingredients:
Aloe, Pomegranate, Rooibos Tea, Green Papaya extract, and Pineapple extract

Clarifying Cleanser Clarifying Cleanser is very purifying and leaves skin brighter and purified.  Its lotion like consistency doesn’t dry out these type of skin types.
Normal to Oily Skin
Key Ingredients:
DMAE, MSM, Activated Charcoal, Vitamin C Ester, Black Willowbark

AHA microbeads is also a great exfoliant.  This facial scrub can use once or twice a week at home.  In a facial treatment it can be used after the cleansing step. AHAs help keep skin glowing and sloughed.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients:
Glycolic, Malic, Tartaric

Pumpkin I Enzyme 5% Glycolic & Pumpkin II Enzyme 12% Glycolic – Our pumpkin facial masks slough dead skin away.  Leaves skin polished and bright.  Our pumpkin masks are very nourishing to the skin.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C and Glycolic

Renewal Mask – This anti-aging powder mask can be mixed with water to create the consistency desired.  Skin can be steamed or left alone for several minutes.  Leaves skin exfoliated and stimulated.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients:

Revitalizing and Firming Masks This mask is a powerful anti-aging mud mask packed with nutrients.  Will take dull skin to a natural glow.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients:

Normal to Combination Skin Types

AM Serum Vitamin C Serum – Great for all skin types.  Vitamin C Serum should be used on all skin types in the AM on clean skin.  Great for sun damaged skin and reversing signs of aging.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C Ester and Vitamin

PM Serum Clarifying Serum – This light serum is great for anti-aging, brightening, clarifying and hydrating.  It can be used on all skin types. When in doubt this is a great one to start with.  Men also love this treatment facial serum.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients

Normal to Dry Skin Types

AM Med Moisture Serum Rejuvenative Serum – This serum is great for dryer skin types looking for brightening and firming.
Normal to Dry Skin
Key Ingredients

PM Deep Moisture Serum Antioxidant Serum – This powerful anti-aging serum is great for plumping and reversing signs of aging.  This is perfect for your mature, dry skin that needs hydration.
Normal to Dry Skin
Key Ingredients
: DMAE, Vitamin C, Vitamin A

AM Moisturizer
AHA Cream – Our AHA moisturizer is light and helps brighten and even skin tone.
All Skin Types
Key Ingredients
: Glycolic, Malic and Tartaric

PM Moisturizer Renewal Cream – Renewal cream locks in moisture and brightening skin velvety smooth.
Normal to Dry Skin
Key Ingredients:
DMAE, MSM, Hyaluronic Acid