February 20, 2023 how to increase retail sales

How to increase retail sales: Spa Edition

Retail sales can be an area of the spa that always needs some attention. This is a part of business that can bring in extra income and commissions. The retail area of a spa can be forgotten very easily and just sit there doing nothing. We have a list of reminders on how to increase retail sales to keep that part of the business thriving.

Employee training

Staff needs to know what you are selling up there. What you have, how it works and for who. At office meetings you can schedule some educational training. Even if its short, being consistent about featuring products or ingredient knowledge will help your staff educate clients and recommend the right products.


Have fun with your display to get attention from your clients. If it looks the same always you may not get any eyes browsing. You can use shelf talkers or little signage to explain product categories or brands. Use testers if that is possible. Clients love to try and test out the texture of products. This helps them feel and see if it has the consistency of what they like. Try changing it up monthly or quarterly to give it life.

Educate Clients

Educate your clients about the products and how they will benefit from using this product. Selling can maybe get the first sell but educating will get them on board with your recommendation. You know their skin and what ingredients their skin will work best with. Educating the client will help them understand why you chose the products you choose.

Follow Up

Following up with clients helps with the purchase. Sometimes clients need time or need to budget. Write reminder notes of what products you recommended. That way at their next visit if they are ready to purchase you have done the prep work. You can also send out a friendly email or text to see if they have any questions. Reaching out to them after the purchase is a good idea also. You can make sure you answer any questions. Some products need hand holding or maybe they need to change the frequency of use to help with results.

Marketing and Promoting

Talking about your product on your social media, email, blog and in house is a must. You can create a calendar with the schedule of posts, emails and promotions you want to do. Talk about the features and how the products work. You can also feature staff favorites. It is easier to sell product you love to use. You can also do regular emails that feature information about a service, product and maybe a special. Keep these regular so your clients know when to expect emails. Client testimonials and videos are fun also. You can do a gift with purchase special and combine it with services. If you calculate it and see if this is a better deal for your business and the client.

Your Brand Skincare

Your own brand skin care or private label is a great way to increase the profit margin on retail. Typically your brand can be sold for at least 125% or higher than cost. When you buy wholesale typically you just double the price. With your brand skincare you can set the retail prices and have room to pay for commissions. Your brand skincare can be done very easily. If you don’t know where to begin feel free to contact us and we can help you narrow down the selection to start. Turn around time is about 2-3 weeks for the first order.

Setting Goals

Setting sales goals helps to reach the numbers. If you and your team work together to reach higher goals you can incentivize the office.

Keeping the retail space on mind helps to increase sales and at the same time help clients reach their result goals. If you client goes home with the right product they will have better results. Clients will leave your office and buy products somewhere. Why not with you.