No Minimums  –  Clean  –  Effective Skin Treatments

We believe in natural and organic ingredients for our skin for beautiful results without harming the private label for aestheticiansenvironment. Our large selection of professional skincare products made with natural and organic ingredients for spa and skincare clinic use.  Products are created using the best botanicals from all around the world.  Our formulas use naturally derived bases rather than the industry standard chemically synthetic.

Treatment Masks

We carry the must-haves for your treatment rooms.

  • Professional Enzyme Complexion Peel Masks
  • Bentonite Clay Facial Masks
  • Charcoal Clarifying Facial Masks
  • Hydrating Facial Masks
  • Glycolic Facial Masks
  • Mud Facial Masks
  • Calming Aloe Masks

Private Labeling
Private labeling is available with low minimums and a fast turn around time.  We work with manyloose mineral makeup for aestheicians small businesses to create their line of skincare products.  Contact us to help you get started.    Learn more about our private labeling program

Larger Quantities
Products can be purchased in larger quantities.  Many of our clients purchase our professional skincare to help cut down costs and still provide patients with good quality products. This is a great way to stock up your dispensary in your spa. 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon skin care is available for wholesale. Please contact us for pricing for these items