Professional Facial Treatment Spa Protocols by Aestheticians for Aestheticians

We have created a list of professional esthetician products and facial treatment protocols using the Aesthetic Back BarFacial.  Many of these facial protocols will give you ideas on how to do a facial with our products or  incorporate our treatments into your current services.  Our professional skin care products are very versatile and can be used on an array of skin types.  These protocols were created by aestheticians for aestheticians.  We have tested these in our facial treatment rooms and picked our favorite professional facial protocols to sharen with estheticians.  Feel free to email us any suggestions or ideas on how to use our formulas.  These facial protocols are intended to be used as ideas or suggestions on how to do a facial.

Best Signature Facial Treatment Protocol – Signature spa facial protocol is a great signature facial option.  This treatment can be used on all skin types and leaves the skin polished, gently exfoliated, nourished and glowing.

Revitalizing Enzyme / Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme Treatment

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Clarifying Mask Treatment

Clarifying Facial Treatment Protocol – This professional facial protocol is best for acne prone, hormonal, skin with clogged pores or

oily skin types.  With this facial treatment you can exfoliate, soften skin and prepare it for extractions if needed and purify the pores.

Clarifying & Purifying Treatment

Gentle Exfoliating Facial Protocols for all skin types
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Beet & Tumeric Mask

Beet & Tumeric / Anti-Aging Moisture Mask Treatment – Clays in this facial treatment protocol will gently exfoliate without drying or irritating the skin making this great for even your dry skin types.  Beet & Tumeric/Anti-Aging mask contains nourishing ingredients and also AHAs to polish up the skin leaving it radiant.

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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

Microdermabrasion Treatment – Microdermabrasion treatment protocol is a very popular staple in the skin care spa industry.  We have a sample facial microdermabrasion protocol for estheticians.

Pumpkin Enzyme Exfoliating Facial Treatment – Pumpkin is the perfect Enzyme Complexion Peel to offer in your spa facial treatment menu.  It is gentle enough you will not have any flaking from the treatment.  You can do this treatment every two weeks to help brighten, reduce appearance of pores, clarity and texture of skin.  Many spas sell this in a package of 4-6 to get the glowy skin their clients desire.

Rose Spa Facial Treatment Protocols

Refreshing Rose Cooling Regenerative Mask – Rose Cooling Regenerative Mask is a great calming treatment that is great for all skin types.  A wonderful finishing mask that can calm, nourish and lightly hydrate the skin.  This professional spa facial treatment mask can be used after the Exfoliating Rose Gel mask with 10% Glycolic.

Radiant Rose / Exfoliating Rose Gel Mask with 10% Glycolic – Exfoliating Rose Gel Mask is scented with rose and formulated with glycolic to gently exfoliate.  Aestheticians will love this facial mask that is formulated with aloe and can be used on most skin types and great to pair with the Rose Cooling Regenerative Mask.

Best Soothing and Calming Treatment Spa Facial Protocols

Lavender Facial Treatment – Lavender Facial Treatment protocol is a calming spa facial treatment protocol is a must have in every spa. Lavender is a very best protocols for spa facial treamentssoothing and healing essential oil.  Lavender is also a very calming and relaxing scent.  When you need to do a soothing treatment this is a great option.  Can also be done as a post peel or waxing treatment.

Crisp Cranberry & Cucumber Facial Treatment
Crisp Cranberry & Cucumber Mask is soothing can be applied after an intense or irritating treatment or as a mask in your signature facial.

Refreshing Rose Cooling Regenerative Mask – Rose Cooling and Regenerative is a great calming treatment that is great for all skin types.  A wonderful finishing mask that can calm, nourish and lightly hydrate the skin.  This spa facial treatment mask can be used after the Exfoliating Rose Gel mask with 10% Glycolic.

Best Hydrating Facial Treatment Protocols

Nourishing Glow / Hydrating Mask Therapy – Hydrating Mask facial protocol is the best option for your skin types that are dry, dehydrated and mature skin.  The Hydrating mask is great to nourish and hydrate the skin leaving it dewy and polished.

Best Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Protocol

Revitalizing Firming Mud Mask Treatment – This professional facial treatment is great for those concerned with anti-aging.  This treatment contains key ingredients DMAE and MSM with are powerful anti-aging topicals.

Clinical Facial Treatment

Micro Needling Treatment – Also called collagen induction, this treatment created micro channels and stimulates collagen.  Microneedling is great for resurfacing skin.

Dermaplaning Treatment – This professional dermaplaning treatment will remove dead skin and vellus hair from the skin. It helps to brighten and give the skin a beautiful glow.