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5 uncommon tips to be more productive

Don’t have enough time to write emails, posts, email specials, work on customer service, orderspa management supplies etc….  Here are some tips to help you get on track for 2019.

  1. To do list
    • Make a list of the most important 25 tasks to get done
    • Circle the 5 most important ones and focus on those
    • Do not focus on #6-25
  2. Take a break
    • Take 15 min breaks and refresh your brain.
    • It has been proven that viewing your social media can lower your stress during your day
    • Microsoft conducted a study and saw that employees were more productive if they were able to view their social media while at work.
  3. Work in sprints
    • Pomodoro technique – Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s created a technique that uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.
    • Work hard with timed breaks
    • Can change interval time if desired.
  4. Accomplish your least favorite task first
    • Do your most difficult task first every single day because it’s easier to avoid procrastination if you complete your most difficult task first.
  5. Don’t Multitask
    • Scheduling too many tasks can leave you overwhelmed. Trying to multitask to get through the crammed to-do list can lead to mistakes and wasted time.
    • Multitasking can decrease your productivity. Focus on one task at a time. Once you complete it move on to the next one.

Have a productivity tip that works for you.  Please share with us.




How to create my own skincare line?

How to start your own skincare lineprivate label for aestheticians

Has it crossed your mind you could have your own skincare line? Do you think it would just cost way too much?  Why should you even consider creating your skin care line.  We will get all these questions answered.

Benefits in creating your own skincare line for your business.

  1. Branding your company name.
  2. Keep sales in house. Clients can only get your products through you and cannot just buy them online or at another store.
  3. Providing a clean, results oriented skincare regimen for home use will make the treatments last longer and your clients will be happier.
  4. You have control of the suggested retail price and when it goes on sale. Many of our products can be more than doubled in price making your profit margin larger.
  5. Selling online: Because this is your line you don’t have to worry about violating any internet contracts with skincare providers. You can sell to your clients even when your office is not open.

Starting your own skincare line can be overwhelming to think about doing.  We try to keep it as simple as possible.

5 easy steps to create your own skin care line

  1. Contact us at info@aestheticbackbar.com or 972.372.0203 to request pricing and private label information.
  2. Try samples: Here you can order sample sizes of our products to try.  No need to purchase a full size product if not desired.  If you wish to order a full size there are no minimums and can do so.
  3. Pick your products: narrow down what products you would like to start with for your private label skincare line.
  4. Select Packaging: We have several stock options of packing for your products. They can also be mixed if desired.
  5. Labels and design: We have label templates and can easily import your label and customize your label. Product names, font and color can be changed on the labels.  We email you proofs of your label for changes and approval.

What does this process cost?

  • Minimums are only 3 per sku. This means that if you only want to purchase 3 Facial Gel Cleansers and that is all you want, that is fine.
  • One time setup fee is $150 for setting up the labels. Even if you add products to your line down the road you are not charged any additional fees for this. (For the month of December we are offering $75 private label setup)
  • All products are priced to where you make a great profit. When you receive your private label information kit you will see the pricing.  Depending on your area and business you can price your products.  Typically products are prices more than double.  Some higher than others. That is determined by you.

How long does this process take?  Turn around time is about 2 weeks. Once the label look is approved we can get orders out right away.

I want to have a designer create my labels is this possible?  Yes, we have many accounts that have a specific design they would like to see. We can send you the size of the labels to you or your designer and use the images they create.

I want to take advantage of the 50% off label setup but don’t want to start till January?  You can take advantage of the promotion and go ahead and get the ball rolling and order your products next month.

I don’t know which products to pick can you help me with selecting the right skincare products for private label? Yes, we can help you narrow down what products would work for your office and clients.

Have any other questions? Contact us and let us know info@aestheticbackbar.com or 972.372.0203.

Enhancing Your Spa Menu

spa management
Enhancing your spa menu can save you money and make you more money. Having a great service menu is crucial. In my 20+ years of working in the spa service industry I have tried all types of menus.  From super long books that are so detailed (and expensive) to short and sweet one page menus.  I have had menus that have 30 services listed to menus with just a handful of services. One thing I have learned is more isn’t always better.  Short and sweet is what has won over the years, and the reason why is if you give too many options people get overwhelmed with the choices.

A Little Gratitude Goes A Long Way

It’s getting close to that time of year when we are reminded to be thankful for what we have in our lives. Studies show that being grateful year round can result in major positive impacts on our lives.

Gratitude can open the door to many opportunities and great relationships. Even from something as simple as a thank you note, to holding the door open for someone. Small selfless acts like this can create opportunities with people you would like to work with or potential clients.

Gratitude has also been known to improve your physical health! A study from 2012 shows that people who practice gratitude complain less of aches, pains and are typically regular with their physical checkups and doctor appointments. They are more likely to take care of themselves which brings many positive benefits to their lives.

Improvement in your psychological health has also been shown as a result from gratitude. It can reduce toxic emotions like resentment and increase happiness. It has been shown to increase empathy and reduce aggression. A study from the University of Kentucky shows that if you practice gratitude you are less likely to retaliate when given negative feedback. A good and positive exercise is to jot down the things you are grateful for every night before bed.

Gratitude plays a major role in overcoming stress and trauma which can increase mental strength which is something we all could benefit from in this world of ours.

Take a few moments everyday to keep in touch with what you are grateful for. Instead of complaining about what you don’t have, put that same energy into what you are thankful for and this will improve your life tremendously.

How to practice thankfulness in your spa:

  1. In your weekly staff meeting encouraging everyone to be thankful can help the mood in the spa. Clients feel the energy and this will lighten the air and help everyone work and feel better.
  2. Thank you notes to clients, co-workers or anyone in your life.
  3. Lead by example and create the culture of gratitude.

Let us know what ways you like to create gratitude in your spa. How do you feel this has improved the energy in your workplace?

Amy Morin (November 23, 2014) Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Gratitude That Will Motivate You To Give Thanks Year-Round. https://www.forbes.com/sites/amymorin/2014/11/23/7-scientifically-proven-benefits-of-gratitude-that-will-motivate-you-to-give-thanks-year-round

Fall facials treatments and must have retail

Kids are back to school and people are starting to get back into the swing of things.  This is the time they will start on

pumpkin enzyme peel for aestheticians

pumpkin enzyme peel for aestheticians

their regimens again.  Here are some popular fall treatments to incorporate in your spa.

Pumpkin Complexion Enzyme Peel – This is something your office can offer and can take 30-50 min depending on how you prep and finish.  You can customize how you would like.  Some offices like to sell these Pumpkin Complexion Enzyme Peels in packages of 4 – 6 to get results.  Clients can come in every 2 weeks to every 4 weeks apart.  What will you see?  Texture, clarity and tone will improve.

Pumpkin Enzyme II with 12% Glycolic

  • Is great enzyme for all skin types.
  • Enzyme and AHA exfoliation relies on the biological action rather than physical abrasion.
  • Alpha-Hydroxy acids have been shown to promote smoother younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.
  • Pumpkin is a rich source of antioxidants & enzymes that act like Alpha-Hydroxy acids.
  • Pumpkin also contains more than 100 beneficial nutrients,
  • Rejuvenate the face, hands, body or feet.

Renewing and Nourishing Facial

Increase Profits and Customer Loyalty with Memberships

When someone hears the word “membership” the first thought that may pop into their head is a “gym membership”. As we all know it takes more than one visit to the gym for you to see the results in your body. Well, why doesn’t that same thought go into skincare? One treatment for the skin is not going to solve all of your clients skin care needs. This requires a consistent routine because keeping your clients skin nice and radiant is a constant battle. The skin is constantly fighting environmental changes, hormones, the sun, and gravity. Mixing and matching treatments is one of the best ways to help achieve optimum results. So as a business owner what can you do to help keep those results and what can you do to give your client a reason to be loyal? The answer is obvious. Offer a membership!

5 Tips To Improve Front Desk Customer Service


You may be familiar with follow up emails when it comes to interviews. Follow up emails give you the opportunity to get full feedback from your client and how they felt their appointment went. This could be considered a personal connection and lets the client know how important it is for you to make sure your client was completely satisfied.


This is where the client first steps are taken when they enter your office and first impressions are very important. Set the mood for clients by either adding bright lights, using natural essential oils like lavender or blood orange which in my experience have gotten great feedback, or setting out some nice art work or flowers. Also, make sure that the front staff ALWAYS greets clients with a simple ‘Hello, how can I assist you today?’ and with a warm smile. Having an unprofessional and unwelcoming front desk can leave the client with a bad taste and you don’t really want that.


The admin and front desk are going to be the first to know what is going on. They are the first point of contact. For example,  the clients, techs and aestheticians have open communication with them and they will be the first to be told if there is an issue. Years ago when I was working front desk, I noticed how clients would tell me the truth about their experience and not the service provider. I have always told service providers do you really think they will tell you the truth if you are about to use acid, point a laser at them or do a facial. They don’t want to bother or anger you, but they sure don’t mind telling the front desk if they didn’t like something. Don’t assume you always know what is going on. Ask your front desk for thoughts and opinions. This is one of the most important departments in your business and it  will make you or break you!


A professional greeting is key when it comes to customer service. Again, the first person the client is speaking to is your front desk/admin staff. Practice a greeting with your staff, go over the proper way to place the client on hold plus the proper way to leave a voicemail and go over a protocol when they are having to multitask and be under pressure. Things can get a bit crazy in the front and expressing concern and letting them know their call is important goes a long way with the client.


As we all know being organized helps us in any situation. When your front desk is organized you avoid losing paperwork, it helps them get to things quickly and allows them to facilitate multitasking without overlapping task. Keep this area neat and well stocked to avoid any type of inconvenience when checking out clients.

Setting Expectations with Your Clients

We all have that one client. That one that is loyal and sweet, but they are always asking for a free product or service. We do our best to please all clients, but you are tired of it! You do not work for free, but you do not want to risk losing your loyal client. What can you do? Is this normal?

Steering Clear of Conflict and Confrontation in Your Spa

Spa Customer Service

Working in a spa can be a good way to gain the experience you need before starting a business of your own. Therapist at all levels of experience found comfort in working in a spa long-term. Some may think that there are no ethical challenges when working in a spa environment, but only in a perfect world would that exist. Just like in any other industries, standards widely vary. Clashes over values and viewpoints are common, and the difference in attitude may cause frustration. Here are a few key points that will steer you clear of CONFLICT and CONFRONTATION with your client. These tips should not be regarded as limitations or restrictions, but should be viewed as a goal in which the skin care professional should strive towards. 

Let’s talk Bookkeeping for your spa!

We are almost at the end of the year. How are you keeping your books? I know not a very exciting topic for some but very important.

Keeping up with your expenses is a key to keep your business growing. Keeping an accurate picture of your business will help you with your tax preparation as well as simple duties like ordering product and supplies.  You don’t need to be an accountant to keep your books organized. It just takes a little discipline and some time to set a system down.