January 23, 2024 wholesale skincare for estheticians

Selecting the right moisturizer for your client.

How can you tailor to your customers when it comes to selecting the right moisturizer for your retail line? Here are a few things to consider; demographics, climate, and skin types. These are all important factors when selecting the appropriate skincare for your business. Lets determine which moisturizing products will work best for your skincare […]

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August 24, 2023 spa party for estheticians

Hosting A Spa Party

Hosting an event such as a spa party, can be an effective marketing tool. This can provide traffic to help you promote services and products. You can create an event out of anything! For example, you can center the event around Graduations, Mother’s Day, Birthday parties, a summer event, etc,..  Design a web page with […]

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August 21, 2023 men's skincare

Men’s Skincare: A simple Routine

We realize that creating a men’s skincare line can be a pain point for many businesses. What packaging, style and products should you carry? Here are our top skincare recommendations for private labeling a men’s line.  Products for Men’s Skincare Facial Gel Cleanser:  This cleanser is designed for all skin types. It’s going to provide […]

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June 23, 2023 wholesale skin care lines for estheticians

Creating a Healthy Skin Barrier

Chronic inflammation can result from daily sun exposure as well as pollution. You can be outside for very little time and experience redness and irritation. A healthy skin barrier will help provide protection from the outside environment. When the barrier is disrupted, the inflammatory response is triggered and breaks down the healthy skin barrier. Inflammation […]

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