August 19, 2023 professional skin care products for licensed estheticians

Are you ready to join the cosmetic industry?

Finding the right skincare line can seem like an overwhelming task. The cosmetic industry has a vast amount of brands readily available to consumers.  Where do you begin? What components do you need? You may not want to start off with a hefty amount of inventory. Choosing the right skincare products that clients can trust and purchase from your establishment is important. How can you solve this? Below are tips and questions to ask yourself when beginning the process.

Determine the Skincare Line and Products

Think about your company and what it stands for. Make sure your skincare products aline with your beauty business and what you want the cosmetic industry to view you as. Are you looking to go more natural and holistic or do you prefer a medical grade skincare line? Check the ingredients of potential products you are interested in and compare with other companies you are looking into. Take your time to evaluate what skincare products you want to carry in your business. As it may seem tedious, it will pay off in the future knowing you chose skincare products you can stand behind. 

Create a Checklist

What cosmetic products are you looking to retail for your skincare line? Here are a few examples; cleansers, toners, professional masks, serums, or makeup. Do you want to start with a small inventory and work your way up? What skincare steps are most important to you? Ask yourself these questions to help determine how many items you will need to begin. 


As you glance over the possible candidates to supply your beauty products, here are questions to ask the company. 

Question #1: What is the turnaround time?

Question #2: Do they offer trials or samples to test before making a larger purchase?

Question #3: What does the Private Label process look like?

Questions #4: What other information do they provide for each skincare product?

Test out the Product

Testing the product is a must. You want to make sure you love the product that you are retailing and that it works. Sampling skincare products allows you to feel the texture and know the benefits each product offers. Looking for quality formulas to build your brand will create a good reputation for your skincare business. 


What does the retail price look like? Does the price point and profit margin fit your business? Pricing will vary depending on demographics, so you will want a product that fits your area. For online business, pricing can be adjusted since you will most likely be selling in all 50 states. 

Again, take your time to complete each task and assess all options before diving head first. You want your business to be successful and meaningful so make sure to put thought behind it. You won’t regret it and the customers will not either!

Jump into the cosmetic industry with Aesthetic Back Bar

Our private label process:

  • Private label typically has a 2-3 week turnaround time. During the summer it may be longer due to the heat. View our Shipping this Summer Blog for more information on shipments.
  • We keep our minimums low starting at 6 per sku. 
  • The basis of our product is considered more on the natural and organic side of skincare. We have products that are vegan, phthalate-free, paraben-free and gluten-free. Along with this, we carry a clinical line. 

For more questions and information view Private Label or send us an email at