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How to create my own skincare line?

How to start your own skincare lineprivate label for aestheticians

Has it crossed your mind you could have your own skincare line? Do you think it would just cost way too much?  Why should you even consider creating your skin care line.  We will get all these questions answered.

Benefits in creating your own skincare line for your business.

  1. Branding your company name.
  2. Keep sales in house. Clients can only get your products through you and cannot just buy them online or at another store.
  3. Providing a clean, results oriented skincare regimen for home use will make the treatments last longer and your clients will be happier.
  4. You have control of the suggested retail price and when it goes on sale. Many of our products can be more than doubled in price making your profit margin larger.
  5. Selling online: Because this is your line you don’t have to worry about violating any internet contracts with skincare providers. You can sell to your clients even when your office is not open.

Starting your own skincare line can be overwhelming to think about doing.  We try to keep it as simple as possible.

5 easy steps to create your own skin care line

  1. Contact us at info@aestheticbackbar.com or 972.372.0203 to request pricing and private label information.
  2. Try samples: Here you can order sample sizes of our products to try.  No need to purchase a full size product if not desired.  If you wish to order a full size there are no minimums and can do so.
  3. Pick your products: narrow down what products you would like to start with for your private label skincare line.
  4. Select Packaging: We have several stock options of packing for your products. They can also be mixed if desired.
  5. Labels and design: We have label templates and can easily import your label and customize your label. Product names, font and color can be changed on the labels.  We email you proofs of your label for changes and approval.

What does this process cost?

  • Minimums are only 3 per sku. This means that if you only want to purchase 3 Facial Gel Cleansers and that is all you want, that is fine.
  • One time setup fee is $150 for setting up the labels. Even if you add products to your line down the road you are not charged any additional fees for this. (For the month of December we are offering $75 private label setup)
  • All products are priced to where you make a great profit. When you receive your private label information kit you will see the pricing.  Depending on your area and business you can price your products.  Typically products are prices more than double.  Some higher than others. That is determined by you.

How long does this process take?  Turn around time is about 2 weeks. Once the label look is approved we can get orders out right away.

I want to have a designer create my labels is this possible?  Yes, we have many accounts that have a specific design they would like to see. We can send you the size of the labels to you or your designer and use the images they create.

I want to take advantage of the 50% off label setup but don’t want to start till January?  You can take advantage of the promotion and go ahead and get the ball rolling and order your products next month.

I don’t know which products to pick can you help me with selecting the right skincare products for private label? Yes, we can help you narrow down what products would work for your office and clients.

Have any other questions? Contact us and let us know info@aestheticbackbar.com or 972.372.0203.

Aesthetic Back Bar Holiday Updates & More

Holiday Orders

The Holiday rush is on.  Our warehouse is extremely busy! We want you to know that your business is very important to us and we will do all we can to get your orders out in a timely fashion. Please keep in mind private label orders or larger bulk orders have a time frame of 5-10 business days turn around time. Please get your orders in ahead of time if you need them by a certain date. We will be closed December 24, 25, 31 and January 1st.

5 top retail Items that’ll work for all skin types!

Products that work on all skin types!

Having an overwhelming selection of retail may be a lot to keep track of. This can make it extremely overwhelming for your employees when it comes time to decide what they should sell to their client.  So we decided to help you out and narrow the selection down for you! Aesthetic Back Bar put together the 5 top retail sellers which will easily become your go to products!

Homecare Kit: The power of the 3 C’s

I know a lot of amazing professionals that are uncomfortable selling home skincare products to their customers because they don’t want it feel pushy.  I totally get it, we are not in the car sales business and most of us don’t like to sell. You need to remember you are the expert and in order for your clients to obtain optimized results, they need a good skin regimen at home to be successful.

Our Top Brightening Facial Treatments Picks

We are always searching for products that help to brighten and give us that healthy glow.  Here are our top picks for brightening facial treatments.

This is the perfect season for Peels

peel results

Top 9 facial products to have in your treatment cabinet!

Top 9 professional skincare facial products to have in your treatment cabinet!professional skincare facial products

It is so easy to get carried away with having a zillion products for every skin type and facial. When starting out or even if you are cleaning out your cabinets, pick items that can be used on multiple skin types. We have put together a quick top 9 must-have professional skincare products every esthetician should have on hand.

Professional Clarifying Mask – Perfect for gently purifying and detoxifying the skin.

Professional Clarifying Mask

Introducing one of our newest masks.  The professional Clarifying Mask is one of our favorites.  It gently draws out impurities and absorbs oil leaving the skin revitalized.  This mask can be used with steam or a hot compress in the facial treatment.  The Clarifying Mask is a great treatment for most skin types.  Because it is not aggressive or irritating you can use it even on dryer hormonal acne prone skin.  This mask has a cream consistency that is also hydrating at the same time.

Sample sets now available!

We have just come out with sample sets for each category of products we sell.  This will make it easier for you to try the formulas we offer and select the ones your clients will like best.  All the skincare samples come in 1/2 ounce jars.  The sample sets range from $5.00 to $7.00 depending on the skin care formulas. Let us know if you have any questions!!!

Cleanser, Toner & Polish – $5.00  Buy Now

Facial Masks – $5.00 Buy Now

Treatment Serums – $7.00  Buy Now

Eye Treatment – $5.00  Buy Now

Moisturizers – $5.00   Buy Now

Professional Masks – $7.00  Buy Now

Ingredient Update: Green Tea

People have been enjoying the taste and health benefits of Green Tea for many years.  Drinking Green tea regularly significantly lowers heart disease and decreases developing certain types of cancer.   I am sure you have heard the buzz about Green Tea and highlights of its topical antioxidant properties in the media.  Many skincare companies have started adding this antioxidant to its formulations. Today it is considered one of the most effective plant based antioxidants in skin care, containing anti-inflammatory benefits to help reduce redness and even out skin complexion.