September 19, 2018 5 top retail Items that’ll work for all skin types!

5 top retail Items that’ll work for all skin types!

Products that work on all skin types!

Having an overwhelming selection of retail may be a lot to keep track of. This can make it extremely overwhelming for your employees when it comes time to decide what they should sell to their client.  So we decided to help you out and narrow the selection down for you! Aesthetic Back Bar put together the 5 top retail sellers which will easily become your go to products!

Facial Gel Cleanser – Great for your sensitive and oily skin types yet gentle enough as a post-treatment cleanser. This sulfate free gentle gel cleanser will remove dirt and makeup without causing any stripping of the skin.

Lavender Toner – A balancing toner great for all skin types.  Lavender is great for sensitive or compromised skin. This toner will bring down the pH of the skin to allow your treatment products to penetrate and work properly.

Total C Complex – Total C Complex treatment serum is a powerful antioxidant that can help reverse signs of aging and help improve the tone of the skin.  This topical vitamin c is applied once a day in the morning to help prepare the skin for a day of fighting off free-radical damage. This is a great anti-aging serum for everyone.

Clarifying Serum – Brightener, hydrator, and nourisher! Great for all skin types including combination and oily skin. This is a great all around serum for everyone which can be used day and night.

AHA Cream – The go to moisturizer that will help lock in moisture and nourish the skin without that heavy feeling. The Alpha hydroxys in the cream will benefit the skin by resurfacing it gently and promoting smoother skin.

These 5 items are great for all skin types and won’t stay sitting on your shelf very long.  Let us know if you have any other suggestions.