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Must Have Antioxidants and Vitamins that Fight Sun Damage

antioxidants in skincare

We have 4 Antioxidant and Vitamins that fight free-radical damage that you should have in your cabinet this summer.  What are free radicals exactly? Free radicals are charged chemical particles of antioxidants in skincareoxygen that enter into a destructive chemical bond with organic substances such as proteins.  This results in oxidation, a prime example of oxidation that we see in everyday life is when a potato or avocado turn brown after they are cut. When you apply lemon onto the cut potato or avocado the browning does not occur.  Lemon is a great source of Vitamin C.

FDA new requirements for sunscreen labels

By next summer you will see many changes to sunscreen labels.  These changes are going to be required by the FDA and will provide us with more information about the sunscreen products we purchase. The FDA is taking some steps to help protect consumers from excessive sun exposure. This is great news for consumers!  This will make it easier to choose the right sun protection.

Is there a safe way to tan?

There is no way to safely tan in UV Light.  All tans damage the skin.  When ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin, production of melanin increases as a response to the injury. Many believe that tanning beds are the safer way to tan the skin. Many companies advertise having “safe” equipment. 

Tanning Addiction

Tanning is a daily or weekly ritual for many people.  It can be of course beautiful but very dangerous for the skin.  Today melanoma is the most lethal form of cancer.  And even with knowing that people are tanning more than ever before.

Sun Safety Tips

Spending time in the sun can increase the risk of skin cancer and accelerate signs of aging.  Here are some quick tips for keeping your skin safe in the sun.