February 28, 2023 how to create my skincare brand

5 things to do when creating your skin care line

You are ready to get your skin care line started. What are 5 key things you should think about? We have seen so many companies create successful lines. Here are 5 things to do when creating your skin care line.

Brand Name

Do your research and see if the name or brand you have in mind already exists. You can start with the web and see if there is already something similar. If there is something similar you may want to change it or make it more unique. You don’t want to have to battle it later on with another company that is established. You can search your states secretary of state database and/or larger database.

Create you logo

Create a logo that represents your company well. Do you have a word logo or image. What does it look like if you shrink it? What does it look like on different bottle types? You can use a graphic artist to create something. If you are on a budget you can always use companies like 99designs.com or fiverr.com to get what you need. If you are on a slim budget, Canva.com is a great option where you can create your own. They have great templates. Remember the logo can always be updated once your budget increases or your direction changes. This is the beauty of having a low minimum for your skin care line. You can make changes until you get the look the way you want it to be.

Product Names

We suggest you change the product names to something that is yours. You can go generic or get fancy, just remember to research and see if there is anything similar to your names. You do not want your clients to search your product name and end up on someone else’s website. If you are stuck, you can always try using dictionaries or thesaurus sites to get ideas.


Picking the packaging is important. We offer several types and we do have some accounts that like to switch them around or mix and match. Look at your logo and brand and see which packaging types goes better together. What is your price point, do you need a more high end feel or do you want to keep it more affordable and approachable?


This is a very important part many people look at last. Check your prices and see what do you want to price the product at. Many products can be prices 125% higher to wholesale or retail. Some products like serums or treatments can be multiplied many times over to give you a larger profit margin. Do your research and see what is the sweet spot for your brand and following. Go online and to stores and see what would be the best price. Remember to keep in mind if you are paying commissions, advertising etc. Our price sheets have a range or recommended sales price. You can always choose what works for you.