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Dermaplaning? Tips for the best treatment

Dermaplaning has to be one of my client’s favorite treatments to have done. The response is typically “wow”, “my skin looks amazing”, “my peach fuzz is gone” and “my skin is so smooth”. We have great products you can use in your professional dermaplaning treatment.

dermaplaning and facial treatment

Quick Tips for Dermaplaning

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind when doing a professional dermaplane protocol.
1. Check client’s skin for any thing on the skin that may be a wound, acne or anything that could spread. If someone has for example, warts or anything similar, you certainly do not want to do a mechanical type of exfoliation, because it can spread it. Instead, you can choose to do an enzyme. Our Brilliance Enzyme Mask is a wonderful treatment you can use that contains Lactic, Glycolic and Pumpkin enzyme.

2. Prepping the skin in the protocol is indeed, very important. Cleanse the skin really well. You can do a double cleanse. If someone has a lot of makeup you can choose to use the Lavender Micellar Cleansing Water or the Green Tea Cream Cleanser for the first cleanse.

3. Oil the skin – Remember to oil the skin so you can get a smoother result. We were taught years ago to prep, degrease and then dermaplane. Nowadays, it is recommended to oil the skin or use a product to hydrate the skin so you get a smooth surface. Think of a raisin and a grape. The raisin is dry and when you oil the skin, picture the grape. It is easier to dermaplane skin that resembles a grape. We love using the Phyto Nourish Face Oil to oil the skin. The Phyto Nourish is not too oily and just a little will still allow you to hold the skin taut.

3. Right hold and position – Remember to hold the skin taut to get a better exfoliation. Always keep the blade at a 45 degree angle to avoid cuts. A useful motion is sweeping back for one and 3 toward you. The sweeping back helps tell you if there are any bumps you missed, so you can avoid them.

4. Using an enzyme after dermaplaning is great to polish off the skin. Any dead skin that was left will get sloughed off. We have three enzymes. The most mildest one is the Revitalizing Enzyme Mask, this one does not contain any alpha hydroxy acid. It is great for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. Retexturizing Enzyme Mask is an enzyme formula with pumpkin which is a tad stronger than papaya and pineapple enzyme. It does contain 5% glycolic acid. For those that have thicker skin types or can tolerate a little more, the Brilliance Enzyme Mask is the strongest one we have. It contains Lactic, Glycolic and Pumpkin. Applying an enzyme afterwards really helps to get deeper results.

5. Finish the skin off with nourishing ingredients that are right for that skin type. Our Nourishing Glow Mask is perfect to hydrate and give the skin a healthy natural glow.

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