October 19, 2020 spa marketing for holidays

Optimizing clients sales this holiday season!

In no time consumers are going to start looking ahead to the big retail and celebratory holidays coming up.  The shopping season is going to start earlier this year, so we better get ready. Online retailing will account for 30% of sales in the 2020 holiday season, according to a forecast from salesforce.com. This number is up from 14% the year before.  They are also saying about 10% of Black Friday sales are moving up a month earlier.  That is happening now!  Time to get our ducks in a row and have a holiday plan. We have a created a playbook that takes you through the lesser-known opportunities and the bigger ones.  If you build the processes and framework you can make marketing this holiday season a lot easier on you and a lot more successful.

Marketing Calendar


11/19-11/23  Health Education Week

11/28 Chocolate Day

11/31 Halloween


11/16 – 11/23  Early Bird Sales

11/26  Thanksgiving

11/28  Small Business Saturday

11/30  Cyber Monday


12/14  Green Monday (One of the biggest online shopping days, when shoppers realize they only have 10 more days before Christmas)

12/14  Free Shipping Day

12/10-12/18  Hanukkah

12/25  Christmas Day

12/31  New Year’s Eve

Campaign Ideas
We have compiled a list of marketing ideas.  Choose the ones you will be consistent with and start the plan.  Try to automate as many as you can so you can free up your time to do other things.

Sign up forms – You can have sign up forms on your website or add these to your Facebook or social media ads to collect leads and customer information. You can build a great email list this way. Your site can have a pop up that asks them for their email when they arrive.  Some companies give information or a guide in return for the email.  Your email campaign service usually can provide the pop up forms or your website service.  Email services that are popular are constant contact, mail chimp and Aweber.

Email Campaigns: This is just a reminder.  We all know we need to do consistent emails.  This is an easy thing to set aside and forget.   Create and schedule your email campaign.  You will get busy and you want to be consistent. Work on a flow of emails and send them out consistently.  If you automate this part, it is one less thing to remember later. Plan on sending out messages that include sales, service information and gift guides. For great images you can use Canva.com to jazz them up.

Social Media Contest: Social media contests are a fabulous way to get people engaged and get new followers.  Frame your contest around the holidays and incentivize them with a free product giveaway to increase participation.  Some companies will show a fun picture of the giveaway and tell them to enter you can share, comment and /or tag friends.

SMS texting campaigns:  Some may have this service with their appointment setting software but there are many companies that can offer this.  For the service industry this is a great way to connect with your clients and let them know what is going on at your business.  Text your clients directly with sales and promotions.  Most SMS messages are read within 90 seconds so it is read before an email.

Repeat Customers – Reward customers that have purchased several times and treat them like a VIP.  You can give them a discount or go the extra mile in some way for them.

Customers who have only been in or purchased just once?  Follow up and get some feedback on why.  Get more insight on how you can best serve your customers. You can also offer Win-Back offers to those who have not been in. a while also. 

Product promotions – Try to cross promote. If you notice customers buying one type of product and you think they would enjoy another one that goes with that offer that to them. You can customize specials and offers to your clients.

Virtual Events: This is where we need to put our thinking caps on.  Getting creative is the key here.  Normally our industry has event after event. What some companies are doing is having a virtual events. It can be a short one that is held for a short period of time or you can have a weeklong event. So, anything you normally do in an event you can try to see how you can translate that virtually.  Some are posting demo videos on Facebook or Instagram, doing contests and raffles, beauty bingo, online consultations, special offers, call-in or online only specials. 

This year things are ahead of schedule and we need to be ready for the opportunities and generate some revenue.