October 16, 2020

Business Highlight:

Insperity – HR that Makes a Difference

How many of us are running businesses and hope we are doing the right thing for our employees?  When you are wearing multiple hats, it is nice to delegate tasks that we are not experts on.  Insperity takes care of HR and much more.  If you are interested in growing and taking care of your employees check Insperity out and see if they can help you grow as a small business.

Insperity works with small businesses with anywhere from 5-150 employees to run better, grow faster and make more money with our high-performance HR and Business Solutions.

As your strategic partner, Insperity can help:

  • Mitigate risks small businesses take on as an employer
  • Have access to fortune 500 type benefits
  • Increase employee engagement and productivity
  • Provide instant HR infrastructure
  • Attract & retain top talent
  • Provide a dedicated HR support team
  • Streamline processes and give back time to a Business Owner or CEO

According to cpeo.com small businesses that partner with a CPEO (Certified Professional Employer Organization) like Insperity on average experience-

  • 7-9% faster growth
  • 10-14% lower turnover
  • 50% less likely to go out of business.

This could be a game changer for a small business especially considering the impact 2020 is having on the small business industry

It starts with a conversation. Let’s schedule a time so we may learn more about your company, your people and HR strategy, and how Insperity may provide value.

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For more information contact
Laura Klekar – Business Performance Advisor
Laura.Klekar@insperity.com |  OFFICE: 214-622-4970

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