January 19, 2020 tips for new estheticians

4 Tips for New Estheticians

Tip #1: Learn Your Ingredients

Knowing your ingredients and what they do will help you in many ways. With this information you will practically be knowledgeable in every skincare line. This information can also help improve your sales. Most clients love to be educated about what they are using for their skin and why. List off a few key ingredients and benefits of the product you are wanting your client to purchase and watch your sales increase!

Tip#2: Be Confident

Consistently practicing your technique will lead to better treatments and more confidence! That confidence will then enable you to try new things and stand independently. Clients can sense everything, but not if you are aware of the energy you are giving off. Some days you may feel less confident than others but remember that you cannot please everyone and that is OK! Continue practicing, investing into your craft and simply just having fun.

Tip #3: Create a Great Experience

Sometimes the experience can be more important than the treatment itself. Clients will be coming to you with expectations of full relaxation. Create a calm and peaceful environment for them by using spa music, peaceful lighting and overall positive energy. Focus on getting to know your client and making them feel as comfortable as they can with you. Be consistent with this and your chances of creating a loyal clientele is almost guaranteed!

Tip #4: Expect to Put in More Work Than Anticipated

When just starting out in this industry it is no secret that creating a consistent clientele is quite difficult. You will have to practice at a discount or for free and learn new techniques before your work is worth the market price. Once you accomplish that you will then need to market it. Remember to be open minded and patient. This is not easy, and sacrifices will need to be made, but it is all worth it when your goal is to succeed in this industry. Never give up and NEVER allow anyone to tell you that you will never make it!