March 18, 2020 keeping your business going

Keeping your business going

I have been hearing from businesses and estheticians around the country.  I have heard some are still busy and some are closed.  I know many are nervous of what is ahead.  This is a time to regroup and get creative.  This is the beauty of small business.  We can pivot a lot faster than a larger one.  We have some great ideas to keep your business afloat and keep your client’s skin healthy and radiant. These are things that we are doing in our business as well as a medspa I am a partner at.

  • Setup phone/video consults.  You can chat with your clients and do consultations on what they can do from home.  We are recommending setting up home facial treatment sets that your clients to purchase. 
  • Mailing skincare and retail – You can customize these treatment programs depending what they are wanting to focus on. If they are home this is a great time they can increase their retinol and brightening products.  Retinol PM and Bright Radiance are great options. Put these in the mail and your clients will have all their essentials.
  • Private Label – If you haven’t started your private label this is a great time to start planning. If you sell your brand at your office this creates loyalty to your business.  They can’t buy your skincare from another store or amazon. Email us for pricing and information. You can order samples to try here.
  • Get Social – Advertise your products and consult on Facebook and Instagram – This is a time where people are actually going to have time to think about themselves and do things they don’t have time to do.  Normally, we are the last ones we take care of.  I have been noticing the medspa I am a partner at is getting some new calls about services.  Those that didn’t have time before may have time soon. This is a great opportunity to build and grow.  It may not feel like it at the moment but growth is around the corner.
  • Personally text and call clients –  Start contacting people you haven’t talked to in a while. This is the best way to get in touch with people.  Tell them what you are doing and offer your treatment products. All of your clients have skin they need products to take care of it.
  • Take pictures and work on images for your marketing – Use this time to get a marketing schedule going.  I know you may say I don’t know what the future holds.  Well we do know what kind of products people can use and what to do for each season.  Work on educating your clients on ingredients and what products and services are available to them.
  • Video tutorials – Work on educating clients how to take care of their skin.  It can be simple as cleaning your skin, applying a mask or makeup.  Don’t assume people know how to do these things.  I have met people that never were taught how to wash their face.
  • Set up your email marketing and be consistent – Start working on a plan of topics and information you want to share with your community.
  • Take classes and learn – this is a time to grow and get inspired.  When you learn you can get ideas of what to incorporate in your businesses. 
  • Sell Gift Certificates – many people are promoting others to purchase gift cards from local businesses. They know we need to help businesses we work with to keep going.
  • Membership – I have written about the membership model in the past.  If you are interested in learning more about this we do have a post about it.  This model is wonderful for our type of businesses for times like this.  It is something you can implement in the future once things get going again.  It can be an option for those that want to come in regularly.  They get VIP pricing and perks for their loyalty and consistency. 
  • Innovate – Create new services ideas or treatment programs. 

Top Treatment Products to Recommend for home regimens. We have a quick list of some of our popular treatments.

  • Facial Gel Cleanser – This is a great cleanser for all skin types.  Anyone can use it and it is super clean.
  • Clarifying Cleanser – This charcoal based cleanser is wonderful for oily, combination or skin that needs to be purified without over drying the skin.
  • Skin Balancing Toner – Every one can use this toner to remove residue and get your skin at the correct pH to allow your treatments to penetrate and work effectively.
  • Total C Complex – This is a great serum to keep skin healthy, even toned and glowing.  Antioxidants help to fight free radicals, even skin tone and reverse aging. Use every day in the morning.
  • Bright Radiance – This moisturizer with the key ingredient Kojic helps to brighten the skin and even the skintone.  Can be used twice daily.
  • Retinol PM – This is perfect for the person that wants to reverse signs of aging and smooth skin. Can be used nightly.
  • Antioxidant Serum – Great to use before moisturizer for extra hydration.  Perfect for those that are starved for moisture.
  • Enzymes – Every one needs to exfoliate!  These are gentle and safe to use at home while keeping their skin looking good
    • Papaya Pineapple Enzyme – for all skin types.  Anyone can use this.  Can use 1-2 times a week to keep dead skin away and keep skin glowing.
    • Pumpkin I Enzyme with 5% glycolic – this is perfect for those that want something a tad deeper, have thicker skin, sun damage or large pores.  You can use this 1-2 times a week also.  A slight tingle is very normal.  It subsides after a minute.
  • Masks
    • Anti-Aging Mask – This is the perfect mask for all skin types.  It is a clay based mask that is in a powder form.  It doesn’t have any preservatives since its in a powder.  Your client can add water and apply with a brush or by hands.  They can massage into the skin or leave on and rinse later.  This mask is very cleansing, purifying and gently exfoliates the skin while giving it nutrition.
    • Clarifying Mask – This charcoal based mask is great to keep pores clean and purified.  It can be applied 1-2 times a week.
    • Hydrating Mask – For those that need moisture and hydration, this mask is full of antioxidants and nutrients to plump the skin. Can be used 1-2 times a week.
  • Eye Treatments
    • Antioxidant Eye Cream – This is perfect for dry skin that needs hydration.
    • Under Eye Nourishing Cream – Light under eye cream for those that light a light treatment.
    • Eye Renewal Serum – This is our clinical eye serum packed with peptides for strengthening the crepy skin around the eye area.
  • Moisturizers (listed lightest to thickest)
    • Light Moisture Cream – this is a great moisturizer for all skin types.  Helps to seal in moisture without feeling heavy or clogging pores.
    • AHA Cream – This is a light moisturizer that contains alpha hydroxy acids for anti aging and keeping the skin smooth.
    • Renewal Moisture Cream – This is an anti aging moisturizer that is medium in weight, helping to lock in moisture.
    • Vitamin Rich Cream – This moisturizer is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to help plump and hydrating dry skin.

Have any other ideas?  Share them with us!  We would love to hear from you and help each other out. Many businesses expand and innovate in slow times.  Let’s stay positive and work to get creative.

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