July 9, 2022 how to start your skincare brand

How to launch your own skincare brand.

Launching your own brand skincare.

Interested in launching your skincare line?  We can help you make it easy and fast to get started.  Now, is the perfect time to get started. You want to be in full swing by the holiday time. 

Why private label?

Private label is a great way to keep more sales in house, create brand loyalty and larger profit margins. We do all the work. All you do is send us your logo and we print the label on your choice of packaging. Your skincare arrives ready for your shelf.

Should I wait till I am ready? 

I still need a logo, look, design etc.? Don’t wait. Get started now.  If you get overwhelmed with a large project you can always start small.  Many small businesses start with 4-5 items and start there.  Start with what makes you feel comfortable. 

How do I narrow down the skincare formulas to have the right products for my business?

Narrowing down to the right collection for your business can be daunting.  It is overwhelming when you see so many formulas and want the right ones for you.  You can always order a sample / trial set to try them.  This way you can test it  out.  We also offer a private label starter kit where you can choose 5 products to get labeled with your logo and you can test these out. If you still need help feel free to call us or email us with any questions. Let us know who is your target market, what types of skin types you want to take care of and how many products you want to start with.  We can give you some suggestions and help you start narrowing down the selection.

Contact us with any questions and we can guide you to create the right skincare brand for your business.  See your profits increase and your business succeed.  Info@aestheticbackbar.com

Two ways to get started

1:  Order Samples –  Test the product and see if you like the feel and consistency.

2. Order Private Label Starter Kit