August 27, 2018 Increase Profits and Customer Loyalty with Memberships

Increase Profits and Customer Loyalty with Memberships

When someone hears the word “membership” the first thought that may pop into their head is a “gym membership”. As we all know it takes more than one visit to the gym for you to see the results in your body. Well, why doesn’t that same thought go into skincare? One treatment for the skin is not going to solve all of your clients skin care needs. This requires a consistent routine because keeping your clients skin nice and radiant is a constant battle. The skin is constantly fighting environmental changes, hormones, the sun, and gravity. Mixing and matching treatments is one of the best ways to help achieve optimum results. So as a business owner what can you do to help keep those results and what can you do to give your client a reason to be loyal? The answer is obvious. Offer a membership!

Memberships are a great way to keep your clients walking through the doors every month. When offering a membership, you want to think of what will be valuable to the client. The client has to know that there is something in it for them. If there is no value then there is no commitment. All memberships vary and it depends on what treatment and services are being offered. Some can range from $99 a month to $325 a month. You can offer facials, enzyme peels, chemical peels, etc., but your main goal is to keep it simple. Higher dollar treatments have room for upcharges. Be sure to have a list of treatments for your client to pick from since this gives them the idea of having options. Some businesses even offer a 10%-20% discount on products. This is the ultimate way in making your client feel like they are getting the top notch VIP treatments! This is also going to prevent them from having to get deeper and invasive treatments that cost more. For your business it is great because the slower months will not have such a deep dip like it normally does.

  • Set a monthly price
  • Give product discounts
  • Have options and list the items included in the membership
  • In your spa software have it to where it is charging them monthly for the membership

Some service providers and owners may not see the value and will think they are losing X amount of money per month for a client. Truth is, most clients do not come in every month and some plan on rescheduling, but never do. So they end up coming in less times per year. Remember it’s out of sight, out of mind. Once you begin to see the consistency with clients then it becomes easier to budget and to purchase product.

You will always have clients that will not want to get on the membership and are ok with paying regular price which is totally fine. Do research and look in your area to see what other companies are offering. See what you can do to improve those offers. They are all different. Some have cancellation fees or require a contract for a year. The one that I have worked with did not and was more focussed on flexibility. They just required the client to let them know 30 days prior to cancellation. We didn’t want clients to feel as if they had to jump through hoops just to cancel and we wanted to make the client feel that the door was always open when they wanted to come back. We understood life happens and sometimes they just needed a little break. Everyone is different, but remember to find out what works best for your company and to keep it simple.