March 6, 2018 Spa Customer Service

Steering Clear of Conflict and Confrontation in Your Spa

Working in a spa can be a good way to gain the experience you need before starting a business of your own. Therapist at all levels of experience found comfort in working in a spa long-term. Some may think that there are no ethical challenges when working in a spa environment, but only in a perfect world would that exist. Just like in any other industries, standards widely vary. Clashes over values and viewpoints are common, and the difference in attitude may cause frustration. Here are a few key points that will steer you clear of CONFLICT and CONFRONTATION with your client. These tips should not be regarded as limitations or restrictions, but should be viewed as a goal in which the skin care professional should strive towards. 


When you commit to providing the highest quality of service that will be demonstrated through your work. The goal is to make your client feel as if they have your undivided attention. Make them feel special and important. Acknowledge the worth of your client, check your biases and never discriminate or behave ill-mannered. Demonstrating professionalism will take you to the top and being polite is how you will get there. Projecting a confident and professional image will  give your client a sense of security from the consistency and pride you display in your craft. Finally, never speak negatively about another skin care professional or a skin care professional line. You want to remain as neutral as possible. This is the one that will really help you avoid “conflict and confrontation”.


It is the skin care professionals job to make the client as comfortable as possible. It is not uncommon for the client to feel the need to express vulnerability and talk about one’s personal life (or what you know as chisme, gossip or “the tea“). With that being said, the client and skin care professional relationship must remain confidential. Always respect the client’s privacy and never share the client’s personal information with the public.  


The skin-care industry is continuously growing and this requires for you to stay informed. The consumer is loaded with information, way more than ever in the past. Never stop learning about the industry but continue your education and training.  Knowledge is power and taking those extra steps will demonstrate professional excellence within your spa and in your service. If you think big then you will perform big!


Always conduct yourself in a POSITIVE and PROFESSIONAL manner. Your client is coming to you for pure relaxation and not for a “negative vibe”. They want to feel comfortable and confident in your care. Despite the events that may be happening in your personal life, following this advice will secure the client and skin care professional relationship. Do not be afraid to give yourself a small pep-talk if you find your mind becoming cloudy. You want to feel comfortable and confident in your service.

These key points can be taken anywhere. Remember to always be positive and stay true to yourself. What you put into your craft is what you will get out of it!