February 19, 2018

Social Media Strategy 101 – Retaining and Attracting New Customers to Your Spa

We can all agree running a social media plan can get overwhelming really quick. There are so many things and places we can post. Where do we start? How many times a week? What do we post? We have a few pointers to get you on track.

  • Bio – write about your business. Add your facebook and website pages.
  • Keep name and address consistent on all bios and profiles across the web
  • High quality photos
  • Keep brand consistent with main images


  • What’s in it for our followers?
  • Would I read and click on this?
  • Is this relevant to my business?
  • It is not always about selling, post things followers are interested in
  • Sprinkle in a quote
  • Sprinkle in an inspirational image
  • Company news
  • Post about what is trending
  • Product and service highlights
  • Before and after pictures
  • Reviews
  • Ask questions using photos
  • Videos



  • Facebook, linkedin and youtube – 1 time a day is recommended by experts
  • Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest – 1-2 times a day
  • 20% offers
  • 50% fun and informative posts
  • 30% informative and educational

What is more important is being consistent.


Do you need to do all of these? No, you don’t, but pick the ones that you know you will use. It’s best not to try and use every social media site because it can become overwhelming and time consuming, so be realistic. Starting and dropping off the social media planet doesn’t do you any good. Being consistent is what helps you create a community that watches what you say and do.

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin – older and professional audiance
  • Twitter – content driven, very abbreviated
  • Instagram – more established brands post 1.5 times a day. Focus should be on quality not quantity
  • Pinterest – 3 pins a day is the suggested frequency
  • YouTube – can post even 15-30 second videos of satisfied clients. Some companies will post 1 video a week.


Remember to put in a call to action. What do you want them to do? You can tell them to book an appointment today or call your office. If you are doing an informational or educational piece, you can have your customer click on a read more or learn more link. This can link them to your website. The best place to link to is your blog or a landing page where you explain what you are teaching them. Don’t link to just your home page. Also, use professional graphics in your posts and website. You can also engage and ask questions to your followers. Make it fun! There is no doubt that social media is a must for every skin care business. Decide what is the frequency you can actually execute and stick to that. If it is twice a week then be consistent with that. Don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of content you need to put up and remind yourself and staff quality is what is important. When posting keep your content to the personality and tone of the business. Check afterwards and see what posts did well and this will tell you what your followers are interested in. Have fun in the process!