July 21, 2019 professional Microneedling pen for aestheticians

Collagen Induction Therapy Dermal Pen – The Treatment Pen that is Versatile

Collagen Induction Therapy has been taking off in our spa.  The Collagen Induction Therapy Pen can do two types of treatments

  1. Superficial – The Nano needle tip will help to resurface and soften skin. This tip will allow treatment serums to penetrate deeper without any discomfort or topical anesthetic applied.  No down-time is needed and can go back to normal routine right away.  Treatments can be done up to two weeks apart.
  2. Deeper treatments focusing on texture, lines, pores and sagging aging skin can be improved with the 12 point tip cartridge.  This treatment is great when correction is needed.  Treatments can be done 4 -6 weeks apart in a series to achieve results desired.  Topical anesthetic can be used to help with any discomfort.

The Nano superficial treatment is one you can do if your client wants a polished look.  This is a great treatment to do on skin once a month.  The Deeper 12 point treatment is great if you need to work on correction.

Pricing your treatment:

Every area is different.  You can charge for the Nano treatment $125 and for the deeper treatment you can do $200 or more.  Every Collagen Induction Therapy kit comes with 3 nano disposable tips and 1 12 point disposable tip.  You can make what you invested in this treatment right away.

What makes our Collagen Induction Therapy Pen perfect for daily spa use?

  • 2 in 1 operation – Wireless & AC Adapter
  • 5 Speed Levels
  • Body made with Aluminum Alloy
  • Heat-dissipating
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Easy to Clean
  • German Motor
  • Low Noise
  • Low Heat
  • Scale 0-2.5mm

Sample Protocol – (You can adjust to the skin type you are working with)

  • Cleanse skin with Facial Gel Cleanser and Sonic Cleansing Brush
  • Prep skin with AHA toner
  • For deeper treatments with12 pin tip apply topical anesthetic cream. For lighter treatment use the Nano Tip.
  • Apply HA Forte to first treatment area.  Try to apply to an area no larger than an index card (3×5 inches)
  • Select speed and needle depth by turning dial. Depth and speed can be changed depending on area and sensitivity.
  • Avoid irritated areas or broken skin.
  • Start treatment by cross hatching technique and then in circles to make sure you don’t miss any spots.
  • When you are done going over the skin you can apply serums or nourishing treatments right away.  Try not to apply acids or peels.  If you would like to intensify the treatment you can patch test the Total C Complex or the Retinol PM.
  • Post Care:  Avoid sun exposure and sweating for 24 hours.  Avoid harsh, abrasive products on skin for 2-7 days depending on how sensitive and deep the treatment was. Avoid alcohol based toners for 2-7 days.  Hydrate skin well.  Total C Complex is recommended in the day time and HA Peptide Forte for morning and night. After the 24 hours you can apply sunscreen.
  • Create a home care instruction form for them to take home.  Check in with them to see if they have any questions.  Make sure to take before and after pictures.

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