July 9, 2012

Targeting Holistic Customers Means More Return To You

The holistic lifestyle is a growing trend and is shifting customers’ decisions in the types of products and services they will select. Nowadays, people have grown increasingly aware of the kinds of products they use and how these products affect their health. Their efforts are focused on reducing toxic load from their environment and their lifestyle. The holistic approach also has an impact on the amount of chemicals they will allow themselves and their loved ones to be exposed to on a daily basis.

This rapidly growing phenomenon is based in habit modification in order to achieve a more balanced life.  It encompasses all spheres: physical, emotional and spiritual.  In other words, a customer who has adopted this holistic lifestyle will believe that everything is connected: from the food they eat, to the products they put on their skin, to the environment they live in, and all these choices have either a positive or negative impact on their health. Here are some facts on the growing interest for a holistic approach, according to the American Holistic Medical Association:

  • 4 out of 10 adults seek a holistic approach to medicine;
  • The global market for herbal medicines grossed $60 bi and is growing steadily;
  • There has been a 50% increase, since 2002, for an alternative holistic medicine

So, what does this mean to the aesthetician who wants to establish, expand or create loyalty within their clientele? It means that these potential customers are going to be the top spenders and most frequent clients in aesthetics and therapeutic services because they have a high regard for their wellbeing (it’s all connected, remember?!). It also means they will tend to be more selective in their skin care treatments and products.

Make sure your practice appeals to this group more effectively because this will be a powerful sales tool in your hands. When you adopt certain holistic measures, it shows you care and you two think alike. Here are some ideas on how to be more attractive to clients who choose a holistic lifestyle:

  • Adopt the use of a fully organic professional back bar, such as Aesthetic Back Bar (offering your clients natural mineral make up as an alternative to chemical-loaded, store-bought make up is not a bad idea either, see Vallie Cosmetics);
  • Make sure your practice really shows that you also embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing, and that it reflects in your services and products;
  • Offer services that are enriching to the body and soul, thus promoting balance (which is a major key feature for your holistic clients);
  • Educate yourself and your clients on the importance of a holistic lifestyle; show them you are the expert and that a holistic approach to beauty starts with daily decisions and comes from the inside-out. Any beauty tricks (from the outside- in) are superficial and short term.

By adopting a holistic approach, you will establish a trusting bond with your holistic clientele, they will identify themselves with you, and they will keep coming back to you for professional advice, skin care services and organic skin care products. More importantly, you will show you truly care about them! And that makes the whole difference.

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