April 4, 2023 professional essential oils for estheticians

Essential Oils for Your Business

Essential oils are composited from plants, making them a natural alternative. You can find these oils in household products, soaps, fresheners, skincare, and more. We offer a variety of essential oils for your skincare needs. Here are a few ways to use them in your business. 

Different Methods for Essential Oils


We are probably all familiar with this one! Take the essential oil of your choosing and have your store smelling beautifully in no time. You can purchase highly rated diffusers on Amazon ranging $15-$40 to create a pleasant experience for your clients. 

essential oils for diffuser

Towelettes & Steamer

For the spa owners and estheticians. When preparing for steam treatments using the towel method, apply a couple drops of essential oil. A good option would be the Lavender essential oil which is known to be relaxing, uplifting and anti-inflammatory. Adding this small touch can add to your client’s spa experience. Always confirm with clients if they have any allergies, before attempting this method. 

essential oils for towel steam method

Application to Skin

Know your essential oils and the benefits before prematurely applying to your client’s skin. For example, the Pink grapefruit essential oil is known to have toning and astringent properties while working to condition the skin. This would be a good, natural option for clients who need a restorative treatment. Pink grapefruit is an antioxidant that can assist in combating blemishes and dark spots. Dilute one to two drops to minimize any skin sensitivity. Do a patch test before application, especially if applying on the face.

essential oil for skin application


Does your business provide massages? Are you looking for ways to enhance your customer’s treatment without costing you too much? Well, give essential oils a go. Dilute the oil and use your magic to make that time for your client unforgettable. They will love the aroma along with the relaxing massage you are offering them. 

essential oils for massage

Essential Oils We Offer:

There are plenty of ways to incorporate essential oils into your skincare business. All of these uses will supply a nice smelling aroma, giving your spa or treatment room a good report.