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Tips for treating teen skin

Teen or young skin has always been such a huge market for the skincare business. Here are a few steps in making sure that you provide the best acne or problem skin regimen for your young client.
Starting with the consultation
Help build the relationship with your teen client by giving a thorough skin care consultation. You want to get every piece of information before assessing your young clients skin. The more information you know, the chances of you actually pinpointing where the acne is stemming from become greater. Ask questions about the following before giving a facial or skin treatment.

Questions to ask

What products are they currently using? Getting them on track with their skincare is key. Find out what ingredients your teen client is using on their skin so you can begin recommending the proper products. Sometimes just making a couple of tweaks can do the trick.  Sometimes it takes trying one thing at a time and seeing if each subtle change agrees with their skin.

How much water do they drink per day? Lack of water can affect  the natural sloughing of the skin which then causes major buildup.

What is their soda or caffeine intake? – Soda and caffeine can cause extreme dehydration to the skin and that leads to inflammation.

What kind of exercise do they do? Track, swimming, soccer etc. Do they dance and wear stage makeup?  Recommend cleansing the skin or using AHA toner after exercises. This will help with the dirt that is coming from the teens sweat or any exercising equipment.

What is their sleep schedule like? – Teens can go from sleeping in all day, to pulling all nighters so they can binge watch their favorite show. Lack of sleep can affect the cortisol levels which can affect hormone levels.

How is their diet?Sugar and fast food can have a major effect on hormones.  Increasing intake of vegetables and healthy eating can really make a difference in your young clients skin.

How often are they cleaning their bed linens? – How often do they clean their pillow shams? Dirt from the dead skin cells that we shed every night can clog pores. Consistently cleaning the shams and linens more often will help keep that from happening. Some recommend at least once a week but can be done more frequently.

Are they consistently cleaning their makeup brushes? – If your young client wears makeup ask them how often are their brushes being sanitized. Makeup brushes tend to hold a lot of dirt and bacteria if not cleaned properly. They can clean their brushes with a gentle soap at least every week.

Cellphones! – We may all be guilty of this. Our hands are constantly holding and touching doors, handles and then they touch our phones. We then hold them to our ears and that causes the cellphones to then touch our cheeks transferring all the dirt, oil and bacteria. Make sure that  they understand the importance of cleaning their phone and keep their hands off of their face.

Custom treatments for teen skin

  • Exfoliating and light chemical peels are great for this type of skin.
  • Extractions are extremely helpful.  But try to do no more than 5 minutes of extractions. Explain to them that frequent appointments are better than trying to extract every pore in one session.  If their skin gets too beat up then you can cause scarring or hyperpigmentation.
  • Some people will use an extractor tool but you have to be careful in not using too much pressure.  The manual method is the most popular method. Many aestheticians like to use cotton tip applicators to do extractions.  This will limit the amount of pressure applied to one area avoiding inflammation.

Enzymes are a great treatment mask type to use in the facial room. This will help to gently exfoliate.  The Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask is a great one to use after extractions.  The aloe in the treatment helps to calm the skin after and leaves skin polished.

Home skin care regimen

  • Use a good cleanser and AHA toner
  • Keep breakouts at a minimum by not touch your face
  • Wash your face but remember to not over wash
  • Keep regimen simple.  If it is too complicated they will not use the products.

Recommend a simple home regimen.  Most teens will not keep up with a long list of items or steps.  For some it is hard to even cleanse their face with a cleanser.

Recommended home care
AM and PM
Clarifying Cleanser
AHA Toner
Clarifying Serum

Clarifying Mask – apply and leave a thin layer on for 5-15 min then rinse. They can do this 1x – 2x a week depending on how thick their skin is and how much active acne they have.


Papaya & Pineapple Enzyme Mask – apply thin layer of Papaya Pineapple Enzyme Mask leave on 5-15 min then rinse. This can also be done 1x – 2x a week depending on how thick their skin is and how much active acne they have.

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