November 9, 2011

Why natural and organic skin care?

Why are using natural or organic ingredients so important?

Our skin is exposed to thousands of chemicals every day from pollution, food and products we put on it.  Most companies today mass produce products and are looking for the lowest cost to create these.  Many times the products quality suffers when more chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients are used. Many babies are being born today with traces of these chemicals already in their system. We should care more about what is put into our bodies as well as on top of our skin.  Our body absorbs all the creams and lotions we put on it.  As the “natural” skincare demand grows many companies are using the word “natural” too easily.

Why organic and natural products?

Picking a product that is natural and/or organic tells you that the it does not have potentially toxic ingredients, no artificial colors or fragrances and has not been tested on animals. The benefits of natural and organic products are endless.  They rarely cause allergic reactions and contain natural nutrients that benefit your health and the health of the skin. Natural and organic ingredients are easily absorbed and assimilated by your skin.  They usually contain beneficial herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

By educating ourselves and our customers we can help protect our planet and our health.

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