July 4, 2011

Tips to find the right natural skincare product

How to find the right natural skincare product?
The beauty market can already be confusing enough and now with trying to find natural products can be over whelming.  Did you know that at the moment there is not a real definition for “Natural” in the personal care industry?  Many products can call themselves “natural” but are they really?

Anyone could claim their product was ‘natural,’ even if it is 100 percent synthetic or petroleum-based.  The term “natural” can be abused easily and that is why there are several organizations working to get standards and guidelines for product labeling.  The Natural Products Association (NPA) is a new organization that is working hard to create a standard for natural products to help consumers see what is natural in the personal care market.  Some say natural can be defined as purposeful, renewable source found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral) and are minimally processed and don’t use synthetic or harsh chemicals because they dilute purity.  The Natural product market is still in its early stages and is going to grow tremendously in the next couple of years.

What is pushing people to try natural products?
The natural beauty product interest is growing stronger every day and research confirms consumers are very confused about what makes up a “natural” product.  More than three of every four (78 percent) American women think natural personal care is currently regulated or don’t know if it is, while nearly all (97 percent) think it should be.  Two of every three American women think a personal care product labeled “natural” should contain at least 95 percent natural ingredients.

Many people are trying natural products because they want to live a simpler and more holistic lifestyle while others are just curious about them.   With the rise of illness, pollution and global warming people are looking for products that are “greener”.  Consumers believe that personal care products based on raw natural ingredients are healthier, safer to use and better for our environment.  Many manufacturing companies of beauty products are making the effort to produce products that have recyclable packaging and run their business in a more efficient way for example by using less water and powering by wind energy.

What to look for in a “natural” product?
Some popular natural ingredients worth looking for are eucalyptus, green tea, lavender, rose hip oil, aloe juice, royal jelly, coconut, ginger root extract, shea butter and olive oil.

Here are a couple of tips you can go by to find the right natural product for you:

  • Read Labels – Products with ingredients like parabens and other non-natural ingredients are not considered natural. Many people like to find the word Organic in the ingredient listing.  Getting the organic seal is harder to find but more reliable then just using the word natural.
  • Do your own research – Not everyone agrees with what natural is so we encourage you decide for yourself.
  • Ask Questions – These are 4 basic questions you can ask.

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