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professional esthetician products

We are so excited to introduce some new facial treatment products.  These are great additions to your treatment cabinet.  The new toners have an amazing relaxing natural essential oil smell and are soothing. The Gel Masks are formulated in an Aloe base and are great for all skin types. Thesse are great treatments to use for your second mask in a facial.  Please let us know what you think! Remember to use coupon code: NEWFALL15 to save 15% storewide. Sale ends Saturday, October 31, 2015 at midnight.

Soothing and Restoring Toners

Cucumber Toner
91% Organic Ingredients /Vegan / Paraben-Free
For a perfectly refreshing experience, this all natural moisturizing facial toner is infused with pure Cucumber Hydrosol.  Your clients will fall in love with this toner.   This toner smells just like a freshly cut cucumber.  The aroma of Cucumber is the perfect addition to your relaxing facial.

Lavender Tonerlavender in our lavender toner and lavender gel and mask
92% Organic Ingredients /Vegan / Paraben-FreeThis soothing and restoring treatment toner saturates the skin with conditioning and healing ingredients. The MSM and DMAE, along with Aloe and Lavender extracts, leave the skin appearing toned and smooth preparing it for treatment products. The aroma of Lavender Extract is the perfect addition to your relaxing facial.

Soothing & Healing Gel Masks

Aloe Gel & Mask
91% Organic / Vegan / Paraben-FreeAloe Vera Gel is a soothing and hydrating gel that can be used for people with very sensitive or reactive skin. This Aloe Vera Gel is made with organic Aloe Juice. This product can be applied as a moisturizer or as post care after a facial or skin care treatment. It’s quickly absorbed into the skin, without leaving any of that sticky feeling common in other products on the market. It can be used from head to toe, and is great to use after laser hair removal or when skin needs something soothing

Cucumber Gel & Mask
91% Organic / Vegan / Paraben-Freealoe vera in our professional gel and mask treatments
Our Cucumber Gel is clear, light and smells just like fresh cut cucumbers. Cranberry seed oil contributes to moisture retention and is rich with Omega 6 (linoleic) to Omega 3 (alpha-linoleic) fatty acids.  These ingredients make this the perfect gel for post skin care treatments like microdermabrasion or laser hair removal. Cucumber Gel is super soothing, cooling and refreshing.

Lavender Gel & Mask
92% Organic / Vegan / Paraben-Free
Our Lavender Gel can be used as a post skin care mask for treatments like microdermabrasion or laser hair removal.  Our Lavender Gel is light and smells just like fresh Lavender. Our Lavender Gel uses lavender distillate, aloe juice and Lavender Essential Oil to soothe and hydrate the skin from head to toe.

Soothing & Anti-Aging Gel & Mask
89% Organic / Vegan / Paraben-Free
Our Soothing & Anti-Aging Gel can be used as a soothing or hydrating mask or as a post skin care mask for treatments. This mask can be applied to Face, Neck and under eyes.  Our Soothing & Anti-Aging Gel Mask contains the key anti-aging ingredient DMAE. DMAE is known to help firm, smoothe and brighten the skin.


What is the 80/20 Rule? How to find your best customers for your spa.

This is a rule that everyone that has a business should know about. Many times we get caught up with serving our customers now and doing what we need to do now and forget to work smart. About 20% of your customer’s produces 80% of your sales. The 80/20 rule applies to a lot more than just customers. The 80/20 rule was derived from the Italian Economist Vilfredo Pareto. Pareto’s Rule states in a business context 20% of the business effort generates 80% of the business results. The 80/20 principle is a great concept to apply to the aesthetic business or really any business. Basically the 80/20 rule of marketing helps you find your best customers. You can apply this rule to your business costs, products and services and your customers.

  • 80% of profits come from 20% of customers
  • 80% of product sales from 20% of products
  • 80% of sales from 20% of advertising
  • 80% of customer complaints from 20% of customers
  • 80% of sales from 20% of the sales team

80/20 In Business Costs
Identify what 20% of expenses is using 80% of the resources. One way it is used is in looking at how much money is spent on advertising. Generally 20% of the marketing produces 80% of the results. So when you understand what advertising messages produce the most you can get rid of the rest that doesn’t give you a return.

80/20 in Product and Services
When you look at your mix of products you sell you can see about 80% of revenue comes from about 20% of the products or services offered. We can refer to these products or services as cash cows. By looking at this you can see how you can increase or emphasize the value of the main products or services offered. You can also try to expand your sales by targeting new customer groups that would be interested in these products or services.

80/20 for Customers
You can look at your customer relationships with this rule to analyze and see if about 20% of your customers create about 80% of the profit for your business. With this information you can create loyalty or frequency programs. Make sure your best clients get the best value and best experience because this way you get the best results. For example send your best clients a postcard or give them a gift with purchase. Just go the extra mile with them. They are the ones making you the most profits. Also, ask yourself “where are my customers coming from?”, “Is it a similar neighborhood or area?”. These are areas you can focus geographically.

Customer Pyramid
The Customer Pyramid is a great tool to see what you need to offer and who to market to. Great especially for those that are visual.

finding best customers for your spaPlatinum Level – Top 20% off Clients

Gold Level – customers that contribute to profits and may join the Platinum level.

Silver Level – May contain customers that contribute to profits. Usually these are cost-conscious customer and to retain them you must provide the basic service at minimal cost.

Lead Level – These customers are usually unprofitable. They demand a lot from you like time, resources and are unwilling to pay for them.

How do you make decisions? Reporting.

To be able to analyze your customer, products and sales you need to make sure you are keeping track of your sales to generate reports. This is very important. You need to know who your best clients are. This way you can market to this group and maximize your marketing dollars. Are you keeping track of sales?  Do you have a website and can you logon to see your traffic to your site? Do you have an email list? You can also create a survey on Survey Monkey or Constant Contact and ask your clients what they want and need.

  • Are you offering everything your top customers need and want?
  • Are there treatments your spa or clinic not offering?
  • Are you giving your customers enough opportunities to buy?
  • Are you leaving money on the table?
  • What is your time worth?

By using the 80/20 rule on a regular basis you can keep spa resources efficient and decrease costs. At the same time this rule helps remind you to go the extra mile with clients.


Neil Kokemuller,

Arthur W. Hafner, Ph.D., M.B.A. ,

Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights,

Popular Clay Mask Ingredients for the Facial Room

I had this question come up recently and thought the clay mask can be one we easily forget to use in our treatment room. Clay masks are so rich in minerals and powerful at absorbing. Clay masks are great for most skin types. Mainly used on skin types that need purifying or oil absorption. Clay masks help to exfoliate promoting cell regeneration and improve circulation. The only skin types you would not use a clay on is one that is very sensitive and sun burned.

Types of Facial Clay Ingredients:
Green Clay (Montmorillonite) – Green is the most common color of the Montmorillonite clay but it can be found in shades of white, pink, blue, and yellow . This Green clay was first described in Montmorillon, France in the 1800s. It consists of volcanic ash and minerals. This type of facial clay is known to detoxify, clean and absorb sebum and impurities from the skin. Montmorillonite is known to contain at least 57 minerals. This powerful one-two punch ingredient purify, cleanse acne prone or oily skin types while giving back nutrients.

Pink Clay (Rose Clay or Pink Kaolin-Illite) – Pink clay is a naturally occurring clay found in many parts of the world. Pink Clay is considered a mild clay, perfect for normal to dry skin types. This type of clay cleanses, absorbs toxins and exfoliates dead skin.

Kaolin Clay (China or White Clay) – Kaolin Clay is also called Kaolnitie and it known to be the mildest of all the clays. It is great for all skin types even the most sensitive skin types. Kaolin Clay gently exfoliates the skin but does not draw out oil from the skin. This is why Kaolin Clay can be used even on dry skin types.

Bentonite Clay – Is also derived from Volcanic Ash. It is Similar to the Montmorillonite Clay. Sometimes Bentonite and Montmorillonite are used interchangeably. Bentonite Clay was found in Fort Benton, Wyoming and supply of this clay is still taken from there. Bentonite clay is also known as the healing clay due to its abundance of minerals. Bentonite Clay is cleansing and detoxifying. Great for combination, oily and acne prone skin types.

How to use clay masks:
For powdered clay masks you can control how thick or thin you want the mask to be. You can use water or tea to mix into the mask. Apply a thin layer to face and leave on about 10-15 minutes. Many estheticians like to remove the facial clay mask with a hot towel compress. It moistens the mask up again and helps remove the clay a lot faster and easier. Some estheticians also like to use it like a spot treatment like on just chin or areas prone to break outs.

Aesthetic Back Bar masks that contain Clay:
Revitalizing and Firming Mud Mask – Montmorillonite (Green Clay), Kaolin Clay (Pink Clay), DMAE, MSM
Anti-Aging Mask – Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Vitamin B and Vitamin C
Renewal Mask – Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Malic acid, Citric Acid, Tataric Acid

Best Social Media Platforms for Estheticians and Spas.

There are so many social media platforms out there now, and it can be confusing where to be. Deciding where to allocate your time and money is very important. You don’t want to put your money where your clients are not located. Let’s say your business is located in Boulder, Colorado. Spending money on promoting your business to someone in Albany, New York is not a good idea. If your spa attracts travelers from other areas of the country you could select several cities or states. Figuring out the best Social Media strategy is key. Here we have broken down the top social media platforms.

facebook ads for estheticians and spas
–There is about 1 billion registered users for Facebook. For estheticians a Facebook ad is a great option for driving customers in even if you have a low budget. Target audience can be modified for location, gender, likes/interests, relationship, workplace and even education. Creating an ad can help you gain “likes” a lot faster. Reporting tools for Facebook are simple and easy to read. The ad creation tool is also very user friendly. Facebook also offers an ad type called Event RSVP. This would be great for promoting an open house or event at your location.

twitter for estheticians and spas
– Not everyone is on twitter but the people on it are loyal and love it. There is about 271 million registered active twitter users. Twitter is more limited with promotion options but also more straightforward. Promoted tweet ads appear in the twitter feed with other tweets. A Promoted Account Ad appears on the left hand side and looks more like an ad. You can define your demographics which is perfect for the esthetician or spa business. Target Audience can be modified for existing followers, users like your followers, location, interests, gender, language and device.

google plus for estheticians and spas
– Who uses Google +? Well, Google+ has about 300 million active users and it is known to have a prevalence of professionals using this platform. Marketing professionals love Google+ simply for any additional ranking possibilities it may have. Google+ does offer a single ad format that can be displayed in the feed. The drawback is that advertisers must have 1,000 followers. Many large brand companies have not lasted long on this platform. This doesn’t mean it is not a place for small businesses, there may be more room for you.

linkedin for estheticians and spas
– LinkedIn is known to be a professional social network with about 300 million active users. LinkedIn is great to connect with your professional colleagues or suppliers. It is a different type of audience and perfect for those that sell business to business. LinkedIn would be a great option for estheticians that train or are looking to hire.

– YouTube is one that can be great for some types of businesses but I personally have not seen it work for the Esthetician or small spa business. YouTube does have different advertising options that are video and ads. You don’t have much control over the audience and it costs a bit more. Conversion is said to be very high compared to other platforms. With quality video and large budget this could be something you can investigate further.

The best social media option really depends on your business needs and your budget. Estheticians need a platform with a specific audience. Finding platforms where you can narrow down the demographic can save advertising dollars. One thing to remember about most social media platforms is that, if you don’t have a following yet you may not see much conversion until you have at least 1000 followers. This is the magic number many online marketers agree on. Don’t be intimidated by not having a large following just yet. Work on creating a community by sharing content about your skin care products, professional services, and other information potential customers would like to see.

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Top 9 facial products to have in your treatment cabinet!

Top 9 professional skincare facial products to have in your treatment cabinet!professional skincare facial products

It is so easy to get carried away with having a zillion products for every skin type and facial. When starting out or even if you are cleaning out your cabinets, pick items that can be used on multiple skin types. We have put together a quick top 9 must-have professional skincare products every esthetician should have on hand.

  1. Facial Gel Cleanser – This is a Vegan, Sulfate-Free and Paraben-Free gentle cleanser. It is great for everyone. From the frail skins to the thick, sun damaged oily types. It can be used in all types of facials to prepping for a peel or microdermabrasion treatment.
  2. Skin Balancing Toner – This is a vegan and paraben-free toner that is also great for all skin types. This is gentle but at the same time helps to balance and continue to clean the skin. It contain Citric Acid, Tea Tree Essential Oil and White Willow Bark.
  3. AHA Toner – I know, two toners? Yes, this paraben-free Alpha Hydroxy Toner is a great treatment to have if you have someone that wants a treatment for anti-aging, sun damaged, mature skin, oily, pigmentation, large pores, or comedones. This can be used as a prep to your exfoliating mask, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, skin scrubber whatever you use to exfoliate. It can be a little tingly and this can give you an idea how sensitive your client is. This Alpha Hydroxy Treatment is great to use before extractions and it helps to remove dead skin. This toner contains all the fruit acids: Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid and Tataric Acid.
  4. Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme Mask – This vegan professional facial enzyme mask is amazing and can be used on everyone. It is gentle enough for the thinnest skin types and polishes even the thickest of skin types. This mask can be the exfoliating part of the facial or can be used after a mechanical type of exfoliation like microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or a skin scrubber. The Papaya and Pineapple facial enzyme mask can be used with steam or a hot towel compress. It will leave skin radiant and glowing. This mask removes all dead skin.
  5. Rose Cooling and Regenerative Mask – This vegan and paraben-free mask contains antioxidants and is healing, cooling and refreshing. This professional skincare mask can be used as a facial and eye mask. This also makes a great calming mask for post exfoliating or more aggressive facial treatments.
  6. Hydrating Mask – This vegan and paraben-free Hydrating Mask is a must-have because it will moisturize and nourish your dry and mature skin types. It is rich and creamy and very soothing. This is a great mask to scent also. With a couple of drops of White Grapefruit or lavender you can change up your facial treatment.
  7. Niacinamide Serum – This professional facial serum is a great go to serum because most skin types can use it. After an exfoliating and rejuvenating treatment it is nice to have a product that helps heal and reduce inflammation in the skin. Niacinamide Serum also contains hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin. This professional skincare facial serum is vegan and paraben-free.
  8. Antioxidant Hydrating Eye Cream – This is a great treatment to use as an eye mask during treatment as well as when finishing the facial. You can also use a little bit on the lips to hydrate and on the neck. This treatment has key ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Lavender, Roobios Tea, and Pomegranate Extracts to nourish, hydrate and retain moisture. This professional skincare facial eye treatment is vegan and paraben-free.
  9. Light Moisture Cream – This is another great go to product for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. This professional facial moisturizer contain no nuts, is vegan and paraben-free.


Professional Clarifying Mask – Perfect for gently purifying and detoxifying the skin.

Professional Clarifying Mask

Introducing one of our newest masks.  The professional Clarifying Mask is one of our favorites.  It gently draws out impurities and absorbs oil leaving the skin revitalized.  This mask can be used with steam or a hot compress in the facial treatment.  The Clarifying Mask is a great treatment for most skin types.  Because it is not aggressive or irritating you can use it even on dryer hormonal acne prone skin.  This mask has a cream consistency that is also hydrating at the same time.

Skin Types: Normal – Combination – Oily – Acne Proneprofessional charcoal mask

  • Contains Charcoal
  • Detoxifies & clears pores
  • Draws out toxins
  • Gently purifies skin
  • Tightens pores
  • Smoothes & softens skin
  • Non-irritating & non-drying
  • No parabens or synthetic ingredients

This professional Clarifying Mask will gently detoxify, revitalize and purify the skin. This mask uses key ingredients like Activated Charcoal and Organic White Willow Bark Extract to do all the work.  Activated Charcoal is very absorbent and soaks up toxins from the skin. Aesthetic Back Bar’s Clarifying Mask naturally draws out impurities helping prevent future breakouts. Did you know Charcoal can absorb up to 800 times its weight in toxins. Activated Charcoal is the medicinal form of Charcoal.  Activated Charcoal is very porous and that is how it is able to trap bacteria, toxins, dirt and chemicals. It is proven to trap thousands of times its own weight in harmful particles. Organic White Willow Bark Extract is a great anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial that helps to unclog pores and gently exfoliate the skin.  Other ingredients that are nourishing and healing the skin care are  Aloe, Green Tea, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin B3, and Pomegranate Extract.

SAVE 15% off on any size of the Clarifying Mask.  Use coupon code: PURIFY15

Save 20% with Coupon Code: ABB20

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Using Facebook for the Aesthetician and Spa!

facebook for the aesthetician and spaI was talking to a client earlier this week about marketing ideas and what to do.  She was frustrated and wanting to drive traffic in a different way.  She said everybody is doing the same thing.  She was referring to the “group on” type of deals.  I started thinking about what other ways we can drive traffic. Fall is when we really push ourselves because this is where people start spending again.   I don’t think we really have gotten into Facebook like other industries have.  (Including my own business)  I have managed Facebook campaigns for other businesses in my past and they have gone really well.  With the tools and traffic now available it is also a lot easier to manage then before. Facebook has over 1 billion active users!  This is incredible and we can use it as a tool to drive traffic to our spas and clinics.

Here are 8 tips about Facebook for your business!

1.    Add the company page to your personal profile on Facebook.  Make it easy for your friends and family to see what you are up to.  It also makes it easy to share things on your company page. You can do this by adding yourself as an admin on the company page.  Do this for the employees in your office that would also post.

2.    Add a Facebook like button to your website.  This will add people to your Facebook account without letting them leave your site.

3.    Invite your email contacts and friends to your company page. You can go to the top of your company page and go to Build Audience and select the email types you have and start adding.  It can take some time but it is worth it.

4.    Suggest your company page to your Facebook Friends.  You can go to the top part of the Facebook company page and there is an area where you can suggest the page to friends.

5.    Participate on relevant Facebook pages. This is great to get exposure.  I just wouldn’t participate in competition pages. Your comments can be deleted easily.

6.    Post on Facebook. This is really important.  You need to post something on your company page.  We can have a page but if we don’t do anything with it what’s the point.

You can post about :

  • Services or products you carry
  • Content that amuses or entertains
  • Specials or offers
  • Events you will be having
  • Your community or area
  • Solicit feedback

7.    Invest on Facebook advertising.  This can be scary for smaller businesses but you can put a cap on what you can spend in a day. Click on the promote tag.  You can do page promotion using Get More Likes campaign.  I have used this for other businesses starting at $5 a day.  You can go up as high as you want.  It was worth it.  Just remember depending on the type of business you have you have to change the targeting rules.  If you have a spa or clinic you may want to promote in a specific city or area.  You don’t really want to promote around the world.  That would waste your marketing dollars.

8.    Measure your results.  Connect Facebook to your Google Analytics so you can measure the change and see if your marketing is working.

Online marketing is so big right now.  Most people will find you that way.  Facebook is a great way to create a community of people that want to hear and buy from you. Be creative with your offers and monitor what works and doesn’t. You will learn from the campaigns you do and tweak them to bring more people in. Let me know what works for you in your area! I would love to hear from you.

The following are a couple of links to some interesting articles about Social Media and Facebook.

Our new cart is up and running!

Just wanted to let everyone know we have been working hard to get our site running smooth. The new site has better images and should have a easier checkout.

We will also have a couple new products and protocols soon. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. We would love to hear from you.