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We carry a large selection of natural and organic professional skincare products for spa and skincare clinic use.  Products are created using the best botanicals from all around the world.  Our formulas use naturally derived bases rather than the industry standard chemically synthetic. Synthetic formulas are the popular way to go since chemicals are cheaper but in the long run natural and organic is better for you and the environment.

Private Labeling
Private labeling is also available upon request.  We work with many businesses to create their line of natural and organic skincare products.  Contact us to help you get started.

Larger Quantities
Products can be purchased in larger quantities.  Many of our clients purchase our professional skincare to help cut down costs and still provide patients with good quality products. Please contact us for pricing for these items.

Certified Organic
The laboratory that creates our formulas has been a Certified Organic Facility for manufacturing and handling Organic products.  They are inspected and reviewed regularly.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding the Organic Standards.  The USDA Certified Organic Standard was designed for the food industry.  There are many food ingredients that are used in the cosmetic industry but not many cosmetic ingredients that are used in food.  A cosmetic ingredient that is not used in food will not be in an approved list of ingredients for Organic because of this.

In order for laboratories to have Certified Organic status they have to show all the following:

  • A history of substances applied to land for the previous 3 years
  • The organic products being grown, raised, or processed
  • An Organic System Plan (OSP), which describes all of the practices and substances used in production. The OSP also describes the practices the company uses to verify that the plan is effectively implemented
  • Record-keeping system
  • practices used to prevent commingling of organic and non-organic items, and to prevent contact of these items products with prohibited substances.